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  1. Uncle Grumpy

    Thought you might like to see some images of the piece of public art created by my good friend and neighbor John Warren which we installed today.
    As you can see it's titled "Recovery" which refers to the tremendous comeback made by the California Giant Sea Bass since the ban of inshore gillnets a few years back.
    These gentle giants have been known to grow to 800lbs and are now 100% protected in California.
    As a kid I saw 500 pounders hoisted on a regular basis at the landings in San Pedro and San Diego just like the old B&W photo which is from Johnny's collection and was taken at the long gone Capistrano pier.

    I helped out a bit here and there on this project and am really happy for John who after a long arduous labor of love, finally has his work space back.
    The rock is a custom made scrubbed concrete stone, cast by John and Don Wert from a mold that I helped John create.
    This Giant weighs about a ton and sits in front of the new Fire House in Capo Beach

    (Right across the street from where Johnny's grade school used to be.)

    John and Don are both experienced free divers; I prefer to stay in the boat.LOL
    Rock-n-Fish Website
  2. One_Leg

    I've seen them about 250 pounds at the Northern Channel Islands while diving.
    Nice looking piece of art.