Huge Yellowfin Tuna brought Pt. Loma??

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by kktick, Dec 14, 2007.

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  1. kktick

    Wife just called me to tell me she heard on NPR that a record yellowfin tuna came into POint Loma yesterday/today? Anyone hear this?

    I told her she probably didn't hear correctly...
  2. @-EZ

    It's on the Intrepid coming in @ 10:00 @ Point Loma Sportfishing.
  3. kktick

    I'm almost embarrassed to say what she told me...

    she said NPR said it was over 800. Someone please correct me here...

    I guess if the story made NPR, it's a big one, but that big???
  4. @-EZ

    Guesstimated @ 381. Taped short from what I understand.
  5. kktick

    My bad...must be the same fish in the signonsandiego article...
  6. Mikey

    NPR said it was over 800

    must be true...

  7. titan05

    Since when has NPR ever got the story right?

    It has been posted and commented on all over this website......381 +/- 20 Lbs