Hows the rock fishing right now?

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by dentdude1, Jan 19, 2008.

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  1. dentdude1

    anyone been rock fishing off P V lately?
  2. I hate seals Advertiser

    Is the season not closed there?

    It's closed in San Diego waters..
  3. dentdude1

    sorry for abbrev. Palos verdes. or redondo
  4. Mischief

  5. dentdude1

    when does it open again? guess ill fish the point for calicos. thanks
  6. medunn16

    End of March.........................

    It's only open if you don't get caught. Down south here, in Mexico, rockfishing kind of sucks. Last year we slayed them every trip... they iron, squid, 'chovies, 'dines, octopus or whatever. This year slim pickens. The rocks are still there, so where's all the fish!
  8. sportfish1414

    maybe, its beacause the federalies are shooting all the rockfish too along with all the tourists..........uhhhhhh uno mas cervesa please!!!!!