How to Rig Yummy Flyers for the kite

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by renegademike, Jul 29, 2011.

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  1. renegademike

    Hi Guys I used to longrange fish for many years but I now mostly live and fish full time in cabo. Yummy Flyers on kites have been getting popular here in cabo. Mostly the private boats but some charter guys are starting to do it as well. I have used kites around cabo for many years but it has been mostly live baits or medium sized squid longrange style. ffice:office" /><?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com[​IMG]<o:p></o:p>
    We are now using the yummy&#8217;s on kites trolling them through porpoise schools and it is very effective ,when done right, getting the bigger tuna to bite when only hooking the 20 to 30lbers on the troll. I have been getting allot of strikes but missing many fish. Lately I started using a Owner 5.0 5x strong treble as a stinger and having a much better hook up ratio. I have not caught anything over 70lbs as the bigger tuna are not in cabo in big numbers yet but I expect to get into the bigger ones during the month of august when we traditionally start seeing those bigger 100 to 300lbers.<o:p></o:p>
    I kind of rigged this on the fly and was hoping to get some critique and opinions on how I can rig these better. Skipping these things at 7 to 9knotes really gets these tuna going.<o:p></o:p>
    Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. <o:p></o:p>


  2. Sactotuna

    Try rigging it with the single coming up out of the back and maybe ditching the rubberbands and egg sinker. Those big old tuna eyes can see that stuff, and you want this thing skipping in the air as much as on the water. Perhaps a smaller kite rather than the egg.
    The stinger is really needed, maybe just pull it up a little so the crimp is inside the yumee.
    Really spectacular to watch when it's working isn't it!
    Shoot some video if you can and post it up. Everybody should see these things working.
  3. Bill W

    A hole can be seared from the fork of the tail to the hook cavity. Then you string the stinger lead through there. Use a large rigging needle or old splice needle, heated up. (wear gloves) Crimp to main hook in the cavety. This increases the hook up ratio greatly... Some boats, like the Excel, really like to work the rubber flyers. They use rubber bands to hold the hooks down the hooks too... In a 10 knot wind we use large balloons with about 30' of line tied to the swivel. (4-5' from the flyer) The wind will skitter the flyer out, and reeling the line back will lift the rubber out of the water. Usually the bite happens just when it comes down and touches the water...

    The kite rig on the troll is interesting, will have to try that. Probably works best in no wind conditions.
  4. renegademike

    "The kite rig on the troll is interesting, will have to try that. Probably works best in no wind conditions.
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    <!-- google_ad_section_end -->The conditions have to be right that's for sure. The porpoise have to be going into the wind or at a slight crosswind. I have a 31bertram so i don't have helium on the boat although I hear a hardware store here in cabo is now selling those small party throwaway tanks that will fill like almost 3 balloons for very hefty price.<o:p></o:p>
    I was thinking about threading the stinger also but I kind of want the yummy to slide up the leader once hooked to try and save it a little for another fish. Those suckers are not cheap and I would like to get multiple fish out of them.<o:p></o:p>
    There is a shit load of flying fish in the water around cabo this time of year so I'm actually thinking of just running it blind on the troll (not on porpoise) and see what happens. I had a client tell me that in Florida they run them like that at a really fast troll and get some big DoDo&#8217;s that way. <o:p></o:p>
  5. conchydong

  6. spike

  7. johndtuttle

    Go single Mustad 7691S out the tail for big 'uns imo. The trebles are fine for smaller models or if fishing lures that work best with them but a heavier stainless hook is more reliable for cows even if your hook up ratio suffers some. You can bore out a hole with a hot needle so that the shaft of the hook goes right inside the very back. It typically pulls out and away from the yummee and doesn't tear it up too bad though this is a rig I have used for traditional trolling of them, not kite fishing.
  8. Tim Turis

    Very respectfully, the Owner ST-66/76 are the key to increasing the hook up ratio on the Yummee flyer.

    Jason Fleck, chef on the EXCEL, had probably caught more fish on the Yummee than anyone in the LR fleet. He has three fish over 300 pounds on the Yummee and fish over 200 pounds to numerous to count. I personally saw the biggest fish he hooked/handed eat the Yummee fifty feet from the boat! That fish weighed 322# and was caught by Bob "Bubbles" Maugh in January 2011.

    After many years of experimenting, Jason has decided that the best way to rig them was to have a large 10/0 Mustad 7691 or Eagle Claw 9014 come out the top of the back (the Eagle Claw's have a bigger eye making rigging easier). The treble is then crimped to the eye of the first hook. A single rubber band is placed around the tail of the Yummy and the leader of the treble hook. This prevents the treble from becoming foul hooked. This rigging has increased the hook up from 1 or 2 in 10, to 4 or 5 out of ten; a fairly significant increase.

    Here is a link to some pics from my May 2011 15 day trip on the EXCEL. There are several very good pictures on the first page showing the rigging of the Yummy's as I described:

    Not sure that you need the egg sinkers on the Yummee. We often slow troll them on the kite and have never had to use a sinker like that.

    I hope this helps answer your questions.
  9. johndtuttle

    No worries Tim, I've fished the st-66 and 76 plenty and agree the hook up rate is far better. But so are pulled hooks from fish hooked in the side etc. To me it's a trade off on hook ups versus reliability once hooked, one I made after pulling hooks several times...but it may have been just a run of bad luck.

    best, john

    ps took a look at the photo...hmm are those 5/0? must admit I fished 3/0...the 5/0 may be worth a shot.
  10. renegademike

    Thanks Tim for the insight. Most people around here use the sinker for some reason but I will try without and see what happens. The Sinker seems to keep the ymmee skipping harder with more Splash is the only this I can think of. In the Pic that treble is way back there and its something I didn't consider.

    Justin Fleck drove the Skiff for my first and only 300lb tuna back in 2002 at clarion. Pat was running the boat. A buddy of mine just called me and said he got 4 tuna from 80 to 182lbs today outside the outer gordo so if the conditions are right I will try the yummee Sunday. I start 9 days of charters in a row Sunday and they are all hardcore fishermen so we should be able to try for some of those bigger tuna.

    Last summer I had to finish around 3 out of 10 tuna for the clients because they would get there asses kicked so bad. I just love to see the look on some of these peoples faces after they pull on a big tuna for a few minutes. I have pulled on several blue and Black marlin up to around 600lbs and I still think that nothing pulls like a cow tuna hands down.

    thanks for your help guys. Man I miss long range fishing. I learned so much in so little time. allthough I get invited on friends boats every now and then I mostly fish on my boat with the same crew so I don't get all that innovative stuff like you guys on the longrange boats. But hey Cabo is not so bad. Thanks again guys
    Mike T

    Here is a pic of Justin Fleck when he was much better looking and not so fat LOL

  11. Rubberhook2

    I still remember that fish in the Calstar ads.

    Had a fun time with you at Clipperton as well...
  12. Baja Dreamer

    Maybe it's just me, but the rubber bands are a bit much. I'd rather have something I didn't need to do that with.

    Something like this...........


    Here's a closer look......


    And if you're going to troll them at "7 to 9 knots", why not use one that was designed for the purpose?



    Just a thought.
  13. spike

  14. titan05

    where can you get these flyers?
  15. Ali Admin

    Those are the new braid flyers and they look killer.

    Can't wait to drag a few.
  16. Baja Dreamer

    Hey Jim! Whaddup brudda! :)

    If you can't find them in your local shop, they are avalable from several sources online. Or you may be able to call and order them direct. ;)
  17. Baja Dreamer

    Thanks Ali!

    To be precise, they're the new Braid Fin Flyers, and we've been getting a lot of good response to them! :D
  18. titan05

    I will have to borrow .23 from Fishy ;)
  19. Baja Dreamer

    I swear Jim, that was the most well spent $0.23 I have ever seen! :rofl:
  20. renegademike

    Yea those Braid flyer's look nice I will have to try those. What I like about the rubber bands is that once the tuna hits the flyer slides up the leader and does not get as damaged as when I was trying it the other way.

    I have gone 6 for 6 since I started using that treble hook. The biggest one has only been a 68lbs and most around 35 to 40 so I'm still looking for that cow on the kite. We got one around 130lbs on a lure a couple of days ago.

    I will look into getting those braid flyer's here real soon. Anyway I can become a prostaff for those braid Flyer's ;):notworthy

    Thanks for all the great info guys. Its really shortened my learning curve.