How to keep the dogs off your Y.T.

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by Knot Forever, Aug 19, 2007.

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  1. Knot Forever

    Went out to Nados on Sat. Scored 3 Y.T. at the S.kelp in the morning. Also picked up a few bones and a cuda. Went to the Puke in the afternoon for a better grade of tails. Got 3 more to 17 lbs. Had to throw the bones and cuda to the dogs to get them away form the tails. Became unfishable once the Fisherman III left. The cattle boat kept a lot of the dogs busy so the rest of us could fish.
  2. F15hK1ll3r

    slingshot..paintball gun.
  3. Carcharodon

  4. 5150Marcelo

    Desert Eagle
  5. nmbrinkman

    Way to go on the haul. Sucks that we have to resort to the lesser of two evils though... Dogs were terrorizing us at LJ all day today.
  6. beau country

  7. santana

    COLUMBIA RIVER <!-- end KICKER --><!-- HEADLINE -->
    Salmon-munching sea lions likely face death sentence
    <!-- end HEADLINE --><!-- SUB HEADLINE -->Government, tribal fish managers expect permission to hunt the lions in 2008

    WASHINGTON &#8211; Dozens of California sea lions who&#8217;ve turned part of the Columbia River into an all-you-can-eat salmon buffet appeared to win a temporary reprieve Thursday from a congressional subcommittee chairman, but only a temporary one.
    Federal, state and tribal fisheries managers argued at a hearing that the sea lions present a &#8220;significant&#8221; threat to the survival of the endangered salmon, so the predators will remain on death row, and they&#8217;re likely to be killed next year.

    ........ NICE!

    For a better method of irradication see me web site at the link below.....

    P.S. I love Seals and feel they need protection, but only from me the next time they hijack one of my game fish. They are out of control and a reduction programm or relocation program to the Columbia river is most definatley a great cause for you politicians to lobby for and get handled if you want my next vote!
  8. Mischief

  9. Garrettc8

    Where can i get one of those water pistols?


  10. Supa711

    That thing looks excessively long.. enough rails to hang everything and the kitchen sink on it though. Whatever turns seadogs into floaters i suppose.
  11. Phat Boat

    Throwing fish at them really is a temporary fix. Eventually they figure it out and come in groups. 1 fish ain't feeding 10 seals. Used to do this alot and finally stopped after being swarmed a bunch of times. I use the sling shot now. If you hit one with a sling shot, it wont bother you again for a long time.
  12. Quixotic

    Dont plan on relocating your CA problem seals up tp WA. We already have the same problems here :2gunsfiring_v1:
    Give em to the kayakers to harpoon for a sport season.:rofl:
  13. OneMoreDave

    It's a proven technique if there's only a couple dogs around. seen it work too many times.
  14. Steel Leader

    big 5, wrist rocket, metal ball ammo, works great, grab some izor line platnum too :)
  15. FilthyOar

    yep! Wrist rocket... It really works. We were out at the coranados yesterday. Fucking dog thought he was cute swimming back and forth grabbing our baits. Right when he dove down, I nailed his ass good! WHACK! They learn your boat real fast, didn't have dogs on us at all after a few got the business end!
  16. shinerunner

    Higher grade tin foil perhaps?

  17. JVella

    We really need to free willy LOL!!! and vote in someone who can see that fisherman only account for a small portion of fish taken each year! Seals fish 365 and kill for fun half the time, how often do you see them finish their kill before the start on your next fish fish and game thinks limits are not the only problem LOL!!!!!!![​IMG]

  18. santana


  19. jake313

    paintball guns work really good velocity turned up pop him a few times eveytime u see him and he will leave u alone

    just used mine today with a friend they dont like it

    plus its cool seeing polka dotted seals:finger:
  20. quietman

    Kayak style...