HOW TO: Calculate your reel's line capacity

Discussion in 'Avet Reels Support' started by Outhouse, Jan 23, 2010.

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  1. Outhouse

    I don't know much about Long Range fishing but I am a bean counter (CPA) and have found a tool on line that will allow you to calculate with reasonable accuracy the amount of spectra/mono combination you want to use. At you will find a line calculator. Using this simple tool, I wiill show you how to calculate TWO unknowns (1) the amount of desired spectra and (2) the amount of desired mono topshot. In my example, I use the line sizes listed on accurate site. To be more precise, get your actual line diameters.

    For my example, I have used my Avet LX 2 speed. According to Avet, this reel will hold 350# of 30# mono.

    STEP 1: Using Avet's base capacity of 350/30, I find that 30# mono has a diameter of .022" I put this data in the top of the calculator and in the bottom, I put the diameter of 65# spectra, .016. and push calculate. When you do, you will see that this reel will take 662 yards of 65# spectra. I want to use only 300 yards so I take 662(max 65# spectra) and deduct my desired amount of spectra, 300 and the result is 362.

    Step 2: Now in this step, we will calculate the amount of mono top shot that I can put on top of my 300 yards of 65#. So I take the 362 yards calculated above as this is the amount of the max spectra tht you removed. Remember that I could put a total of 662 and I only wanted to put 300. So, in the top section, we know we have 362 yards of line that is .016 in diameter. My goal is to put a topshot of 40# test and that line is .024 in diameter. When you insert this in the botton section, you will calculate that you can install 161 yards of mono to fill the reel.

    Conclusion: An Avet LX will hold 350 yards of 30# test and will also hold 300 yards of 65# spectra and another 161 yards of 40# mono.

    If you like this, you may send me two vacumn sealed bags of fresh caught, freshly frozen wahoo steaks to Bartlett, TN!!!!

    This makes two contributions for Bean Counter Boy to the sport of LR fishing. First was my cool excel worksheets with the mearsurements of fish which can be used to calculate the weight. now, an answer to a multitude of questions about reel capacities. Love me some me.
  2. CDR

    280 of 30
  3. Outhouse

    Mechanix of the equation still work which was the point.
  4. Locke N Load

    Line capacity calculator

    This tool is ten times more accurate (pun intended) than Accurates calculator. I use it all the time and it is consistently very, very close. You just need to know how many meters of line your reel holds and how many millimeters wide your line is. I put together a worksheet where I just enter the yards capacity and millimeters and it spits out all the conversions. Then I can break it down to how many yards of spectra backing and mono topshot very easily. For my 50W it said 600 yards of JB 130# hollow and 161 yards of 150# jinkai. It came out just right.
  5. hucklongfin

    The LX is rated at 350 yds of 30#, the JX is rated at 280 yds of 30#.