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Discussion in 'Mexico' started by FISHINGSTUFF, Apr 19, 2012.

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    I want to become fishing charter in Mexico and want to know what to do, to be in law with Mexican licenses etc...

    -What I have to do for fishing licenses and boat licenses ?
    -What licenses are required ?
    -Who do i contact ?

    some help would be really appreciated, here on thread or by PM

    thank you in advance :notworthy

  2. MikeyLikesIt

    oooooooooooooh boy............................


    What's wrong ???:eyepoppin
  4. dang 8521

    Are you serious? I live in Mexico and there are several Mexican owned sport fishing businesses here where I live. I am part owner in one boat and my best friend considers me part owner is his boat because I help maintain and fix it when it breaks. We feel the only advantage we have with owning our own boats is the ability to pick the time we go fishing. If we pay for a charter, which can easily work out to be cheaper than taking our own boat out, we have to go even if the weather is not so good. Right now one of the captains is offering a special of $300.00 for up to four people on a really nice and very well maintained Parker. That works out to a pretty inexpensive fishing trip. Plus he has rods and reels in case you do not. His tackle is also top of the line. Another captain, a pretty good friend went from three boats, then two and now none because he can not afford to sit and wait for people to come down to fish. He also is a captain with a really good following. Right now he is working as a captain for the other businesses. The economy is not good and there is a huge fear factor for people coming to Mexico. In my opinion the fear factor is unfounded. Yes, there are issues in Mexico but the people who deny problems in the US are blind because they have not personally had problems in the US but the stories out of Mexico are blown up to the extreme. The point is, I admire your dreambut in my opinion the economics are against you. Also, unless you are a Mexican it becomes more difficult to start and operate a business in Mexico. Not impossible but more difficult. Good luck on your dream but think about the monetary aspect.

    thank you for reply...just for info, i don't want to buy a big yacht for deep sea fishing, just a used 30 feet open to guide for coastal fishing and i have my own clientele

    so no body want to inform me about Mexican laws ???
  6. Surfdoc

    Are you going to pay someone to translate all the laws and hoops you need to jump threw to you ??

    If it was easy anyone would do it... I live here and it's not even a blip on my radar screen.

    i only want to know if i need a boat license ? a Captain license ? a fishing charter license? and way to have it ....

    anyone to reply me ?

    thanks in advance

  8. ConSeaMate

    Sounds like you need to speak to a Mexican Attorney.....
  9. PezGallo2

    Do you have a boat? Is it imported to MX?

    I doubt you can be Capt...or even work on your'd have to hire local Mexican Captain with license.

    You'd have to be a legal fishing charter company & pay taxes.

    Like others have's not easy or profitable. Why would you want to do it?

  10. dragonfeathers Advertiser

    A Mexican wife is a good start

    No, i will buy boat or super panga in Mexico

    for sure i plan to be legal fishing charter company, pay taxes and hire mexican staff

    i want to do it because i'm fishing addict...and for info i fish for catch'n release only.
  12. 1bigfisch

    Theres this guy, Josh something or other. He was around here for awhile some time ago. He might be able to give you some advice.
  13. penn25

    You can start by making good friends with people in the know in Mexico. You know people with connections. Mexico is a great place to live and fish etc. but not to make a living if you're not Mexican. Listen to these guys as they know what's going on.
  14. MikeyLikesIt

    he was Canadian too, so the story goes....

  15. neil c

    I think you need a get your boat out of repo license ???? I love Mex.

    Sorry for you buddy but i'm not canadian !!! i'm French from France living in Canada at this time ;)

    Are you afraid by a French fishing captain ??? you doubt about your fishing technics or experience ??? No ??? so WTF with you dude ???
  17. brantc

    If you're actually serious about starting a Mex fishing charter service, looking here for the answers on "how to" do it is the WRONG place.

    As others have suggested, start with a Mex atty to get you headed down the right path. There are many hoops to jump through and as a gringo, you'll want to dot your i's and cross your t's.

    what do you mean "Mex atty"

    i contacted many times Mexican government and never reply me ... that's why i ask on the forum...

    i want to be in law and do the right pass, but no-one want to help me...
  19. MikeyLikesIt

    Mexican Attorney. Meaning an Attorney LICENSED to practice LAW in Mexico.

    it's not that no one wants to help you, but:

    1. the laws down there are complex, change all the time, and are not enforced as uniformly as they are in the US. Also, IMHO, they aren't real keen on foreign citizens setting up shop on their home turf. I know, people do it and are successful.....but it can be a major pain to jump thru all the hoops.....and even to know the hoops to jump thru.

    IF you already had a successful charter business, and were looking to move your operation to MEX, then I think you would get a better response from the members here....


    2. We still aren't really sure that your name isn't Josh. :D

    (I guess you had to be here.....a canadian named Josh who ran a charter service down in PV used to post here, but he, eh, well, let's just say doesn't anymore. If you have alot of time to a search for "Prime Time". )

    Cant blame ya for seeking information..... I hope you get to do it!

    OK that is a good star ! Thanck you very much MikeyLikesIt ;)

    I don't know who is Josh and my name is not Josh, and why make a generality ... it's not because a Canadian was not correct, they are all like that ...

    I'm French from France, where I was commercial fisherman, in 1999 i had leave France with my wife and two daughter for Canada until to now.

    that's who i am


    Ps: if you want Q to fish salmon on Lake Ontario.....i'm your guy :urno1: