how small is to small to fish la jolla kelp

Discussion in 'Boating Discussion' started by patridger, Jan 18, 2012.

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  1. patridger

    I have a aluminum 10 ft V with a 7.5. i was wondering what you guys think of taking that out to the kelp. sketchy or not. I would be coming from mission.
  2. wheresmypliers

  3. Aggro

    I fished one that small for many a year. Pick your days and remember that the wind and waves are your enemy in a craft that small. The jetty is not forgiving but if you trim up and keep the nose skyward you'd be surprised what you can plow through.
  4. Carl

    Ultra sketchy.
    Like Chad said (sorta) the MPA closure area encompasses the south kelp LJ area. You'd have to make a pretty good run to get to the legal area.....PL kelp would be way closer to MB.......Still sketchy....
  5. Aggro

    The problem with fishing PL, unless you come up from the big bay is that the prevailing winds will be in your face not at your back when it happens. You can do pretty big wind chop if it's at your back. Not so much if you have to head directly into it. That's life jacket, rain gear and snorkle material.

    No matter how you slice it, it can be pucker factor and it sucks constantly monitoring the water for that moment the wind comes up.

    Your biggest worry is Stan running your ass over :rofl:
  6. david_strebel

    Why not beach launch at La Jolla shores? That way can skip the wind chop between mission and La Jolla.
  7. patridger

    shit, i didnt know the south was closed. That blows. Well aside from la jolla, what do you guys think of putting a 10 gal trash can bait tank in it. on top of a car battery and trolling motor, gear and what not.
  8. patridger

    how is beach launching.
  9. Carl

    I would have done it when I was 18 and could outswim a Sealion and there was no weather. Now,,,,,,not so much.
  10. ?? fisherman

    What he said. Totally doable, but as said, just watch and pick your days carefully, and probably the most important factor..... know your own limitations. It's done all the time.

    The unknown fisherman:p:
  11. The Notorious S.U.A.

    inverse relationship to how big your balls are.
  12. patridger

    haha, fuck yeah
  13. Sherm

    You could launch that boat right form the beach launch at La Jolla shores. Just pay attention to wind and waves. If swell is from the NW the launch is not that good. From the west or south.... Ankle slappers at best. I launch the yak there a lot and there are a few guys with the small skiffs.

    Have safety equipment with you and you should be fine.
  14. SDWhaler17

    I vote for beach launch... I have been looking for a good beach launch skiff, especially now that the south side is shut down... join the army of yaks out there on the N. end.
  15. patridger

    yaks are cool, but im not into the sitting thing.
  16. tootall79

    No way, the ocean is not set up for a 10' boat. If it was a whaler at least it would stay a float until someone comes to assist you. The weather can change very quickly and all you would need is wake or swell and a little wind and your over. 7hp!!!!! will that push the boat against a 15knot wind????
  17. dorado50

    If you can't swim to shore your out to far!!
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2012
  18. ronfishon

    Boat capsizes in moss landing this past weekend, appeared it was a 16-18ft open bow bayliner or corsair. Weather turned to shit on him pretty fast. Make sure you wear your lifejacket. Better to be safe than sorry!!
  19. Mikieb

    Don't you mean out run a fat chick ? :rofl:
  20. umoa

    no such thing as too small. Just saying.