How much is it worth??

Discussion in 'Avet Reels Support' started by kgpcr, Aug 10, 2012.

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  1. kgpcr

    i have an HX2 Green that has been used for 2 days on the ocean in Alaska for Halibut. I want to upgrade to an EX30 so i have more winching power. Winching 6lbs of lead up from 250ft is a bear but you have no choice if you want to hit bottom and the tide is running at 5 knots. The reel was filled with green 80lb Izorline from the dealer i bought it from. Any idea what i should ask for it??
  2. saltwaterfish

    list it for what you want to get for it. 2 days of use is nothing (shy of you beating it up).
  3. egret

    lol 6 pounds from 250ft is nothing try 16-20 pounds from 1800+ ft down to swordfish here in TX. That's why most people use electric reels like LP's.
  4. L3gend Angler

    Ditto Or tile fishing with a tuna jigging reel on the Continental Shelf
  5. dkd711

    None of that sounds any fun! LOL