How about this Boston Whaler 20 ft.? Deal Or NO Deal?

Discussion in 'Boating Discussion' started by hung380, Jun 9, 2007.

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  1. hung380

    what do you guys think about this? Its a 1978 boston outrage 20ft. with a 1998 johnson 175 with 191 hours. It also comes with a yamaha 4 stroke 17hp kicker almost new. The boat looks great inside and out. seller asking for 11,000 but i think i can make it go down to 10,000. Boat also comes with raytheon radar, fishfinder, kodiak bait tank, vhf, and cassette player. Deal or No Deal? thanks for your help. Btw, Is that johnson a 2 stroke or a 4? thanks again
  2. KC Kevin

    Wow, what a coincidence! I just got back from buying that boat. I got them down to $8,500. Its a 2 stroke Johnson btw. It was a good deal at $11,000; I think I stole it.
  3. hung380

    you didnt buy it in newbury park did you?
  4. hung380

    sorry here are the pictures.

    DSC03131.JPG DSC03132.JPG DSC03141.JPG DSC03135.JPG
  5. wheresmypliers

  6. Jericho

    Wow Kevin, that is a steal. You might think about flippin it for a quick $2500.
  7. inSTANt bendo

    Dude, stop putting up all the exact details about boats you are considering. You just might bring it to somebody else attention that can run out and grab it before you do. Keep it a little more general.

    Kev, when we goin' bassin' in your new skiff?LOL
  8. the hook

  9. F15hK1ll3r

    get it...great deal
  10. hotrodtuna

    How was fishing HJ?
  11. Jan from Humbol

  12. Matrix


    That sucks!
  13. Bottom Line

    Good deal - well worth the price - the 1998 175 HP Johnson 2-stroke is gonna get about 1.5 NMPG ( I got 1 nmpg with a same vintage 200 on a 23' boat) at best so it's a good deal the price was low!
  14. KC Kevin


    Thats the one. Thanks for posting for me. I hate all that downloading stuff.
    Great idea! Won't even have to tow it south. I was going to pick it up tomorrow, but hey, Hung, how much you going to pay me for it? I am asking $12,500.
  15. hung380

    i'll pay 7,500 cuz your the 4 owner on that boat:nutkick:
  16. alien4fish

    LOLwholey shitLOL 8500?? aww to bad HUNG better luck on the next 1:nutkick:
  17. Genelie

    Well if you like getting wet go for it. that stlye does not draft worth a S#@#$%$