House AC repair - know of any?

Discussion in 'BD Business Hookup's' started by Aggro, Aug 14, 2012.

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  1. Aggro

    I've got a 3 ton Rheem heat/ac that is leaking internally. It's not the sump it's somewhere behind the fan so I need a pro. I don't want rheemed so who have you used. Clairemont area.

    Not the outside unit, the inside tall square one.
  2. abdiver7777

    If it's leaking clear water most likely just a plugged drain line.
    Find where it drains to and disconnect and stick your wet/vac on the line and suck out the junk.....

    They sell tablets to put on the drain pan to keep algae from building up and they help prevent this......

    I'll PM you my address where you can send me the $200.00 you just saved....
  3. Carl

    I'M OFF
  4. Simon Bon Bowery

    Yep, give Tommy a call...
  5. ConSeaMate

    Coil sets on top of your unit......condensation forms on that coil......your drain is plugged that drains that coil.....vacuum cleaner will probably me if you want......I've only installed about a thousand of those things......
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  6. Carl

    I'd stick with Tommy :nutkick:
  7. Aggro

    Thanks guys but which one do you suck from :rofl: I see two pvc going to/from the pump and a two brass lines leading to/from.

    Frank, answer you damn phone.
  8. yellowklr

    Yep Tommy all the way!
  9. ConSeaMate

    I told him to cut the copper lines going to the coil to see if they drained.......
  10. Aggro

    Frank, that drain is fine. No blockage in the brass tubing from the sump pump so it's something else in that upper piece over the unit. To the right/back of the fan.

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  11. Carl

    Were you stepping on the brake?
  12. ConSeaMate

    Those are not pictures of the sump and drain lines.......:rofl:.......did anything explode yet?......
  13. Aggro

    Yous guys are funny. I shop vacced both the pvc lines to the sump. Handy they are the same size. Thanks for the education Frank. I'll let it sit tonight and dry out, try tomorrow and see if that does it. I got the number for Tommy at that point if it's a rusted pan.
  14. la vida

    So I'm going to guess that the 2 PVC line are the drain and the overflow. The copper line is the pump line. If your still making cole air and your making condensation in the upper part of the unit. I woul guess you have a door or window open? I'm no AC guy but my time in Florida has taught me a thing or two.
  15. ?? fisherman

    I always wondered what my "Help" posts looked like from the other side. Kinda cool.......... thanks!!:rofl:

    C'mon Kurt, you live somewhat near the coast..... us coastal people don't need a AC

    The unknown fisherman:p:
  16. Aggro

    I saw a lot of water but not much gunk on my shop vac evac so I am afraid it might be a hole in a catch pan. We'll see tomorrow.

    Thanks everyone, it's what makes BD great.
  17. Fishbones

    Pull the A/C unit off your travel trailer and mount it on the roof of your house. Problem solved!
  18. Saluki

    Maybe one of your new friends from Elsinor stole the copper from your AC unit? LOL
  19. ConSeaMate

    What ever you do don't take your shirt off to stay'll scare the neighbors......
  20. nunyabizness1

    Tommy is supposed to be out of town this week. Not sure when he's due back. If you can't wait for him, there's also Dennis aka Aluminator who is an A/C guy too. Send him a PM if you need. He hooked SDangler's wife Annie up with repairs to their A/C after Mark died and Annie said he did a great job.