Hotel and Marina Coral Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by SCHMENDRICK, Nov 17, 2009.

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  2. Afry

  3. Eye Problem

    I took the two yutes down there a couple of years ago.

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  4. marlyn

    Does schmendrick mean anal in hebrew?

    I got it from Jerry Seinfeld........forget Hebrew.....focus and concentrate on the spelling.
  6. MYNomad

    I have been down there a bunch, but never heard any of the hotel or marina staff pronounce the name as you suggest.
  7. byeye

    Who gives a fuck what any body calls it! I will call it the fuckin place just this side of Enchilada if I want to. Do you know what the Rusty Trombone is?
  8. Sea Esta

    Kind of like when you were asking for numbers, for Punta Colnett.:rofl:
    Punta Colonet VS Punta Colnett
  9. Ali Admin

    I miss you. I heart you.
  10. divegod1

    Do we get a discount if we pronounce it correctly ?
  11. duanediego

    i like to call it the "post red light smut dorm" aka "hangover hotel"
  12. Surfdoc

    Holy shit..............this is gonna be one of the great threads....

    Cause it brought BYEYE back to us!!!!

    Thankyou horseshit place !!!
  13. El Loco 2

    Dude, I was born in Cuba, speak spanish and still can't get that freaking name right. Who's the idiot that spent millions and gave it such a crappy name?
  14. Eye Problem

    Where ya been Mike, this place needs a good dose of Byeye. LOL
  15. El Loco 2

    Almost forgot, I got two horses I want to put up while I am fishing, can you help me out ????? Word is you guys are it...............
  16. tuna taxi

  17. tuna taxi

  18. Whalebreath

    OK then why can't you spell hordes?

    bring it on, here we go........
  20. Hooops

    I refer to it as a marina that is close to "Anthony's" - which has whores - not horses.