Hooping PL 11-10-07

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by artafishall, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. artafishall

    Got out and dropped hoops just after dark. Stayed till about 12:30. Got six legals. All of them were about a 1/4 inch over legal. Had about 150-175 shorts and some questionable so we threw them back. Hooped with Aaron J. He is a stand up guy if you need someone to get the job done he is the man. Despite the fact that he is a Ball Bag!
  2. Customboatguy

    Nice job dude.
  3. duanediego

    yeah ry! good to hear you got some...
  4. Mischief

    wait...did you hoop today and finished at 12:30 in the afternoon or yesterday, sorry im just confused cause the date and all,..
  5. fishnbuddy

    150-175 shorts...damn...I haven't ever had a night like that. Nicely done! Even got a couple keepers.
  6. skelly1

    Is a ball bag the same thing as a ball sack or ?

    Nicely done anyhow.

    BTW, my sister's polish.
  7. faaaaag!!!!
  8. artafishall

    Come on Lokey. It was a late report.

    Junior the reefs down this way hold a lot of bugs. I have yet to get a real gid one though.

    Steve yes a ball bag is a nut sack. Got any pics of your polish sister?

    As for Lo key hookup you have had yours this season. Hung out with Giambi last night at a party at RBI.
  9. dbar

    Sounds like fun Ryan
  10. Mischief

    lol,..sorry about that, i was drinking a little last night and thought you went hooping during the day and caught some bugs, lol,..

    Nice work and way to put in the time! 6 legals I'll take any day!