hooping fun 10-13-07

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by the hook, Oct 14, 2007.

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  1. the hook

    knotmyfish cancelled on me for a hoop trip. I called Martha and she was game to go. It was her 1st time hooping. We tried a couple of spots for nothing but net. Current was ripping pretty good, and it was hard to stay on the bottom. We ended up going shallow and started seeing some life.

    Took home one bug and a stone crab. Martha was keeping a running tally of by-catch. I think it was something like:

    3 sting rays
    2 shovel nose sharks
    2 morays
    1 cockroach looking crab
    12 short stone crabs
    10 short bugs

    Thanks for coming along, Martha. For a 1st timer, you did really good. Thanks for all the help with cleaning up, and for the excellent cheese crackers!:notworthy
  2. After all the HOOP...la, from Knotmyfish, sorry he fell apart before he even got started. I have to hand it to ya for extending a helping hand to him. I would of enjoyed fishing with you if I was a little closer. Your a Good sport! Good luck the rest of the season!!
    PS. How Big do stone crabs have to be to keep???? Just wondering!!
  3. the hook

  4. I,I, captian......We will Hook up in the future. Seasons just starting. I have a Son who Hoops in SD. Im More local 25 mile Radius.......Torrance/Redondo/Catalina.......and Bristol Farms
  5. the hook

    The aftermath. Made 4 quesadillas- yum.
  6. After watching "LOBSTER WARS" Im wondering if the Shovel Nose Make good Bait!!! Could save in the cost factor????
  7. the hook

  8. peznino

    :drool: :drool: yo quiero :drool: :drool:
  9. clsr79

  10. gardenmartha


    12 short bugs [​IMG]
    8 short stone crabs
    4 sting rays
    2 shovel nose sharks
    2 morays
    1 cockroach looking crab
    and a shitload of grass and seaweed [​IMG]

    Another fabulous outing with The Hook! Thanks so much John!
    Check out his sweet set of hoops! How do I know? :imdumb:
    Several people on the water mentioned how cool they are!
    In the photo you can't see the cool blue ice-cube light in the top. They looked bitchin' in the dark!


    eel & bug go at it?


    my friend had this steamed for breakfast with a fresh ginger/soy/vinegar dipping sauce.

    4 quesadilla's?

    Nice to have you see see us off at the dock Chuck! Didn't get back until after 1am, so sorry about not callin' ya after.
    Great times as always John! Thanks again!
    And thanks knotmyfish for bailing! LOL
    I was on time with gear and refreshments on 1.5 hours notice!
  11. Great Pics and To BAD KnotMyFish REALLY missed out!!!!!!!
    Question What is that you have your Rope Rapped on???

  12. tuna taxi

    I was out Saturday night with my buddy for nada. From the looks of the movement of the other boaters that were hoop netting not many of them had luck. It was my second time out so I'm still a rookie at this. Nice to see that someone baught something worth keeping.
  13. AzNative

    Good on you for at least getting out John. Better luck next time.
    P,S, Some tasty looking quesadilla's there.
  14. Clay

    How do you like running that east coast set up on your gear John? Hav you found it effective?
  15. the hook

    The rope is wrapped on some cheap cable wrapping things from Home Depot electrical dept. I am still working on the floats and lights. I used 3/4" PVC and glued a stopper on it to set the distance to the steel shackle. I am not happy with the light rig yet, but am close.

    I need to practice more with the hooping. I'll probably take baby hook and Nolan next weekend.

    Martha, that second moray pic shows him trying to eat my net. Thanks again for coming.
  16. John PM, Me I have some Ideas for you. zane
  17. Blackfish

    cool picks...like your bait set up.

    I would love to toss those sharks and eels into a cold water aquarium.

    I like you set up..neat and clean, but just curious....do you have issues with your nets getting drug around when the current is moving?

    Seems like they would have alot of drag at the surrface.....just asking, as i like the set up....and might copy it.

  18. the hook

    YES I had a little trouble holding the bottom. I plan on adding some weight to the nets and letting out more line for starters. I will continue trying things as I notice problems. Thanks for the feedback.


  19. Halibut Howie

    Thanks for the great pics of what you catch and the system you use with planned improvements. That's helpful for me and I'm sure others as well. Think i'll do the same this wed nite.

    I added 2 lbs of weight to each trap. I get 1lb cigar sinkers from Squidco here in San Diego and tyrap them to the inner metal circle across from each other. Do not notice the extra weight while pulling. However, I hoopnet in less than 25' of water.
  20. Le Tigre