Hoof Rot in Washington Elk

Discussion in 'Washington Hunting' started by christensenreid, Jun 14, 2012.

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  1. christensenreid

    If you know anyone that may be able to help with this please send them the video. I Have sent it to RMEF, King5 news and Fish and Wildlife.

    Washingtons Roosevelt Elk neek Help. Hoof Rot is becoming a major problem. Washington fish and wildlife have no answers. Here is a video taken last week of a Herd near Mt St Helens. there are 17 animals every one of them has Hoof Rot. We need help

  2. abdiver7777

    The Wolves will take care of that problem.........
  3. lilharcher

    that really sucks......are they trapping any of these animals and performing tests?
  4. christensenreid

    nope they shot 8 elk last year to do test 5 of them had hoof rot. they didnt figure anything out. every biologist will give you a different answer on what is causing it.
  5. christensenreid

    This is the response i got from Tom Toman, Director of Conservation at Rocky Mt Elk Foundation

    No one has any answers to this problem right now. We have been tracking it since 2007 and have just approved some funds to get three world experts in Hoof Rot to come to WA and look at situation and work with WDFW. The WDFW and the WA AG state vet have looked into it and are trying to determine which of the 40 hoof rots this might be. After that is answered, they will have to determine what can be done about it. You can't corral a bunch of wild elk and run them through a dipping trough every week for a month. These darn diseases in wildlife are a bit more complicated since they are wild and we are limited in how they can be handled. We have never seen hoof rot to this extent anywhere in elk in North America. Let's hope we can get those folk to fly in to help us. Thanks for your interest.
    Best regards!
  6. lilharcher

    At least Mr. Toman is making a strong effort to help......that is a great start.
  7. Hunter Dan

    What about ranchers or a cattlemens association? If this type of hoof rot is transmissable to domestic herd animals thet need to be up to speed and have their livelyhoods to protect.
  8. EJ Swanny

    Good point Dan, also what about Deer, Billy-Goats, and Big Horn Sheep???
  9. DaKanati

    If anybody can help it will be the rmef, hopefully the wdfw doesnt make it difficult for them.
  10. christensenreid

    Meeting with Gary Chittim from King5 tomorrow.:2gunsfiring_v1: Hopefully this will put some pressure WDFW to figure out what is going on, and how to get these elk healty again
  11. easydoesit86

    That fringing hard to watch, I've been seeing lots of herds up Germany Creek and haven't noticed anything there yet, but will definitely keep my eyes open.
  12. Mad Impulse

    Let's get Jesse.
  13. Hunter Dan

    I have a contact with the Washington State Bowhunters and will try to dig up my contact number for the North American Hunting Club in this state.
  14. christensenreid

    King 5 will have a story about this tonight at 630. been up in the woods with them all day. Make sure to tune in! Hopefully this will help make a difference
  15. EJ Swanny

    Thanks....we all appreciate what you have done, got my DVR set and ready
  16. dragonballs

    Maybe bigger fish can get them fitted for crocs
  17. Carl

    What causes that?
  18. christensenreid

  19. christensenreid

    they already have hoof problems they dont need limp wrists:gayfight:
  20. mackdj

    Man this really sucks, that big bull and the cow at the end of the vid were in some serious pain. I archery hunt for elk near Raymond and have not see this over there yet. I would be willing to help volunteer if RMEF or WDFW need help with their research.