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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by tackle junkie, Dec 27, 2008.

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  1. tackle junkie

    I just picked up a bunch of older thread that seems to be in good condition. Along with the older wooden spools of Gudebrod I found some Holland thread. It looks like the Gudebrod Trimar. Its listed as Astro Nylon Size S/C Color 9003, 9002 etc. Do I need to use color preserver on this thread? I figure I'll use it as an underwrap with some black or blue as the overwrap. Also how does this size compare to Gudebrod?

    no color preserver needed. it's ncp. hooland used to make rod wrapping thread in many cool colors. they got a big gov contract for parachutes and stop producing rod thread. i've been selling off my thread on ebay.
  3. MR Limpet

    the size "C" should be a hair smaller then the gudebrod and yes use color preserver Jose .
  4. The Bushman

    If its S/C it is NCP.... What colors did you get? I'm looking for the blue and black varigated... not sure of the "#". It makes a great top thread for a tiger wrap.
  5. DocSki

    Holland did make some thread that was raw but that was a very long time ago. Most of the stuff on the market right now does not require CP but I use it anyway and it seem to keeps the bubblles down. I just looked at my Astro and varigiegated Hollands and they seem slightly larger than the corresponding Gudebrod NCP but I still think you can use them almost interchangeable.
  6. Zombie

    Know of any source for the Astro? I've looked but so far unsuccessful. Randy.
  7. DocSki

    What colors and how much are you looking for
  8. Zombie

    Well now Doc your going to open a whole can of worms with that question since I'm always looking for different thread. Back at ya, what colors are available and in what quantities? I really didn't know there were multiple color combos and I can work with whatever quantities whether they are small spools or large. Any and all colors are welcome. I haven't dove that far into it because I haven't been able to locate any. Randy.
  9. tackle junkie

    Thanks guys. Are you able to use the 4 oz spools on your thread carriage or do you transfer the thread onto 1 oz spools?
  10. tackle junkie

    I think I have some of what you're looking for. Let me know if this is it. The color code is 9003.

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  11. The Bushman

    Thanks Jose.... I have half a spool of what you show in the pic. That may even be the "astro" thread Doc and Randy mentioned. I'm looking for blue and black varigated, like the thread in my first pic. (which is blue and light blue varigated).
  12. DocSki

    That looks like Lt blue and Dark blue. I dont see black in that pic
  13. tackle junkie

    It looks dark blue and silver.
  14. Everglades2XX

    Would you happen to know what color 87 and 95 are in Holland thread?
  15. Errand Boy

    Wow. Not every day I get to see a post resurrected from the year of 2008.
  16. JLW111

    Give Me a Call about holland thread
    Jim 714-534-7158
  17. The Bushman

    Yes...you resurrected a thread from 2008, but since you asked......No idea on the 87...but the 95 is teal/turquoise color.