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Discussion in 'Washington Freshwater Lakes & Rivers Reports' started by lajollasurf, Apr 27, 2010.

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  1. lajollasurf

    I have a 12 ft zodiac and wanted to know if it's possible to use it on the lower Hoh with an outboard.

    If not, then I would use oars... does it get to the point where I would be scraping bottom a lot?
  2. fishnazzi

    I'm sure there are guys on here who can help.................if you move this to the main forum.where they might see it. This is the reports section.
  3. J.D.

    Umm. I'd strongly suggest not using a powerboat on the Hoh. There is an unwritten rule out here that pretty much says that if there is a recreational powerboat on these rivers, it's guaranteed that there will be a fee (insert vandalism to tow vehicle/trailer) by the locals. One of the more poignant stories is how a jetsled owner got his cut and re-welded around a tree. I didn't write it and certainly don't condone vandalism in any form. But do not put a powerboat in the Hoh. You'll drag your prop anyway and it won't be very effective fishing platform in that size/depth of a waterway. Don't think your gonna be able to row a zodiak very far up stream either if thats your intention witha gas engine.
  4. lajollasurf

    That's what I figured... definitely don't want to anger the locals... I know what its like... surfing here in Point Loma is the same thing.

  5. The Sensei

    I would say you could definetely row that sucker down the river no problem, ive seen worse water craft in there. It wont open again until the 16th of this month for clipped springers, but it is an amazing river to see even if you arent catching a ton of fish. As was mentioned do not bring a motor in there, there are plenty of other rivers in Washington for motors. Good luck on your adventure, The Sensei.