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Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Saluki, Aug 23, 2011.

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  1. Saluki

  2. Vermonster

    Well, they still have Eli, so all is good! He's a Super Bowl winning QB, don't ya know? Better than Philip Rivers, he is..... ;)
  3. ConSeaMate

    Sean .....you have a problem.....
  4. @-EZ

    Where's Mags?
  5. Tues


    Rivers has more rings and playoff wins.
  6. ConSeaMate

    You have the same problem......every post turns into a Charger bashing.....which really means you guys are closet Charger fans.....:waglleybooty:.....
  7. Tues

    Sorry, Sunshine. I will not bash those fags any more.
  8. Vermonster

    Truthfully, I hate Manning, and really like Rivers. He's a top 5 QB in my opinion, Eli is maybe in the 14-15 area.

    I just get a kick out of the Charger fans and their opinion that the team is Super Bowl bound every year. Heck, the Steelers have been there 3 times in the last 6-7 years, and I would like to have anyone find a post where I actually predicted it prior to, or any time during the season....... ;)
  9. drdiesel

    Hey Sean when it comes down to it were all football fans, who just cant wait to screw with everyone else!
  10. Saluki

    Very well said. :D
  11. Aggro

    I know it's preseason but damn that was a beatin last night.
  12. Saluki

    No worries.
  13. MikeyLikesIt

    not yet, anyway.......

    but it IS preseason.....
  14. Simon Bon Bowery

    Thats what I was thinking....
  15. Bizzy

  16. nunyabizness1

    Some serious setbacks with all the injuries! It's going to be interesting to see what they do and who they bring forward to fill the gap!

    And so the season begins, stressing over my team, waiting to see what happens... yup, I MISSED football! I love it, win or lose.
  17. nunyabizness1

    I've not been the biggest fan of Eli due to how things rolled out with the draft and the Chargers. He is the quarterback for my team and I want him to do well of course. I also like Philip Rivers and the Chargers. And I like Cutler too, especially when my boys sack him. :starwarskid5:
  18. Saluki

    You also lost a Defensive Tackle.

    Hope you enjoyed the pre season victory.
  19. nunyabizness1

    No kidding! I'm not sure they realized it's only pre-season and might not have a team by the time the season actually begins! When the score got as high as it did, they could have backed down to avoid more injuries. Hope the coach gets a better strategy going forward.
  20. Vermonster

    Ha.... ;)