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Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by YO HO ONO, Mar 11, 2005.

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    Do you Boys miss you're Beloved Caprices!

    I'm toying with the Idea of Selling my 95 caprice classic Civilian Model

    Cops must love these things cause I got pulled over doing 75 in a construction zone, chippie let me slide, and wrote me for an expired license
    He laughed his ass as he approached the passenger side and heard My 8 year old excalim "Whats up Doc"

    BTW if any of you Guys like Big Fast Cars The Qualicom stadium is having a little Autocross Event 3/19 The local BMW club is Hosting the Event.
    Last one had a T56 six speed manual equipted Impala SS throwing down lap times that were Faster than at least of 50% of the Bimmers

    let me tell you, Watching a Vetran CHP officer put a 4200# impala SS through the course at full song is an experience everyone should experience

    These Guys are Running incredible speeds with the these cars
    Definately a great way to spend a saturday

    Here's Video of Tom Fredericos SS putting the power down
    takes awhile to load (your screen will be blank while it loads, so just minimize it while loading) it's pretty cool

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    I think I can honestly speak for all of us LEO's when I say that we don't ever want to sit in a vehicle that is even remotely like our patrol vehicle when we are off duty.
  3. Hell no! I already have one patrol car at home I sure dont want 2.
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    was that at Qualcomm? heheheh thought that place looked familiar....

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