Here we are. RedRum Sportfishing Fish Report for April

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    RedRum Sportfishing Fish Report
    Hello everybody, thank you all for reading our fish reports. I do apologize for not posting stuff on a more weekly basis but, we’ve been told that we can’t be posting every day; we have to keep it a bit low on our blogs. A lot has been happening here in Cabo San Lucas, we’ve been up, and we’ve been down. Weeks 2 and 3 of April were very great as we caught Marling each day on all of our boats. There was only 1 day that was not so good.
    This past week winds started blowing really strong which caused the seas levels to be head high. This week’s waves were around 6-7 ft. high. And winds blowing 18-23 mph. So you can imagine it’s been chilly every morning and very choppy in the afternoon for all the fishermen.
    On another note, RedRum donated a Sunset cruise on one of the boats for a fundraiser event which took place on Thursday April 22<SUP>nd</SUP> at the magnificent Casa Luca Pedregal. The fundraiser was for the Grupo Apoyo Thomas Ray Fundraiser. It’s the second year this event takes place, and the second year RedRum has participated.
    This week was also, owner , Ryan Donovan’s birthday. Not sure how we celebrated but I’m sure he had a blast. Happy Birthday once again Buddy. And we had a visit from John Donovan who came down on a quick trip, went out fishing a couple of times and had a blast throughout his stay.
    Finally, on a sadder note. Long time Team RedRum member Omar Ruiz lost a younger brother to kidney disease this month. While his brother fought the disease hard for many years, he was finally called on to end the fight. On Monday April 26th the extended Ruiz family boarded Rum Runnin, along with his brother’s panga and headed out to the arch to spread his ashes where he enjoyed so many days. Say a little prayer for a great fisherman that today is finally resting at his most favorite place in the world.
    So we begin a new month, and hopefully we will break a leg. It’s been somewhat slow, but we hope this Nino weather takes a chill pill and lets us fish in peace =). April was a good month, we can’t really complain. We thank all of you who fished with us in April and for all of the upcoming customers because without you guys, we’d be nothing. Thank you!
    This is what the Captains and Mates from RedRum caught from April 6<SUP>th</SUP> to April 30th
    March 20<SUP>th</SUP> to April 6th Catch
    17 Striped Marlin
    21 Yellowfin
    35 Dorado
    2 Wahoo
    64 Sierra Mackeral
    2 Hammerhead Shark
    2 Jack grevalle
    1 Snapper
    1 Mako Shark
    4 Hammerhead Sharks

    As you can see, it was a tad slow, hopefully May will be much better. Today some customers came by to buy some gear before they headed off back home and they said that they read yesterday’s fish report from our website and that they were happy that we told the truth, we didn’t lie and that they simply loved that we are an honest company. This is something that makes us proud because we might go through a bad stage (fishing wise) but we still never try to dress up or manipulate our information. If we catch fish we catch fish, if we get skunked we post that as well. We are always keeping it real and with our feet on the ground. That’s what makes us unique.
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    To view our daily blogs please read our daily fish report within our website Cabo San Lucas Mexico Sports Fishing Charter Boats – Redrum Sportfishing
    Thanks for Reading
    Team RedRum

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