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Discussion in 'Fishing Reels' started by bradmaralbacore, May 21, 2006.

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  1. bradmaralbacore

    alright so im looking for a two speeed reel. im am completely lost in this situation. im not the richest kid in the world so im not really wanting to go that expensive, but i want reliability i have been checking out the TLD's and the SLT tournament... anyone out there own one and can tell me how it is? im looking for a reel that holds large amount of 60lb or maybe 80. if anyones got a dope deal or discount somewhere, lemme know.:notworthy
  2. Fishin4Life

    Send albacore858 a pm .
  3. Double Z

    SLD 30 for the lower priced unit. AVET 30 for a more spendy model. After you fish the AVET, you'll put the SLD down a notch or two.
  4. fully involved

  5. HTA

    What exactly are you using the reel for....trolling for albies, live baiting at the lupe, or fishing for cows? With a little more information Im sure with the talent on this site they can help you nail it down fast! Good luck and good fishing>
  6. bradmaralbacore

    lookin for the troll and the riggin live macs out of my yak for big stuff in mexico
  7. albacore858

    your not gonna catch anything big in mexico:rofl:
  8. Kelp King

    He won't, but I will (knock on wood). He just follows me around and takes pictures when requested upon. But seriously brad, when trolling you want something with 80# as recommended by almost all captains. Probably wouldnt wanna use anything more than 60 out of a yak. You have a job.. get a 60# and 80# rig.
  9. albacore858

    ya thats right you got a job go buy some sick ass avets
  10. Marcus

  11. Kelp King

    Brad you better buy that SLD 30. they can freespool FOREVER.
  12. albacore858

  13. wardage

    if you get a tld 30, do not fish 80# on it. the frame will crack from the drag pressure.
  14. bradmaralbacore

    right after you lick my fuckin nuts:finger: :104167739
  15. albacore858

    gay? gayz:
  16. Saltiga50


    What is your intended quarry for this reel?

    Let me share something I learned the hard way. I have 15 KG, which I intended to use with 60lb line. However, Cal, who worked on it, told me to use nothing heavier than 50. I am fine with this, because a good 50lb reel is of benefit. However, I would have been better served with a 10 KG! I have since bought a 30 VSW, a totally bitchen reel. I might just have Cal trick it out to fish 80lb. Bottom line: research and buy the best reel you can afford. There is much to be written about buying a reel that will see a lot of use. And there is much to be written about buying a reel that will not break when you're miles from shore.

    Assess whether you need a big reel. If you do, is it possible to use a boat's reel until you can afford what you really want?

    I my about six years in this sport, the outfit that by far sees the most use is my 40lb rig.

    My best,

  17. sdangler

    Avet 4/0 wide 2-speed. Fishes 80# on the troll no problem... I might even have on for sale here shortly all spectra's up and everything!