Help! Need 2 open spots next weekend!

Discussion in 'Southern CA Private Boater Offshore Trip Planning' started by mojojones, Jul 21, 2009.

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  1. mojojones

    If anyone knows of a private boat in need of 2 ho's or a charter with 2 cancels or spots left please let me know ASAP, have gear and $$$$$ will fish. Have next weekend between Thursday 7/30 in the PM and Monday 8/3 free, need to get us some! My uncle and I will be the best boat ho's you ever seen, well almost, maybe not as good as the ones below, unless you put us on 100LB bluefin. Please let me know, thanks! I waited too long and now all open party 1.5 day and longer trips are sold out thru mid August for weekends!:shithappens:

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  2. Ocean Nocean 1

    Fishing Trip
    Depart: Friday, July 24<SUP>th</SUP> 6 PM show time from H&M Landing in Point Loma
    Return: Sunday, July 26<SUP>th</SUP> @ 5-7 PM
    Boat: The boat is Diawa Pacific. We will be focused on Tuna and Dorado but we are chartering the boat so if we choose to go after something else we can!
    Cost: $505 per person (We have chartered the entire boat so no freeloaders or crew friends will be on board). 21 person limited load. Cost includes the boat, tip for crew, all meals and snacks (steak dinner, etc.) Coffee, tea, etc. is included.
    It does NOT include soda, bottled water, beer, rod rental, fishing license, fish cleaning if you desire. If you already have a Mexican fishing license you do not have to purchase theirs.
    You will need to pay to get on the list. It will also be nonrefundable so if you have scheduling issues think hard before saying yes. If you do have to pull out we will need to sell your spot before we can give you the money back.
    PM if interested. I have three open slots.
    The boat returned with limits day before yesterday and is currently out on another 2 dayer.
  3. mojojones

    Thanks, but I need to fill 2 spotd NEXT weekend, that would be a great trip too, bummer, I can take either Friday or Monday off. Thanks again. Good luck on your trip!
  4. Ocean Nocean 1

    Good luck findng something Jordan. Thanks for the reply.