Help Name the Newest Davidson Boat Model - Win a Swag Pack

Discussion in 'Contests' started by brantc, Jun 5, 2012.

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  1. brantc

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    Ok Guys.....

    As you know, Davidson is kicking out some new products and boat models. They are all built "commercial tough" and ready to take whatever the ocean throws at them.

    Now's your chance to help name the newest member to the Davidson Family.

    Here's the description:

    Length Overall: 19'
    Beam: 8' 6"
    Fuel Capacity: Up to 125 Gallons (depending on configuration)

    This 19-footer is a full walkaround with Davidson's trademarked fighting bow rail and a big berth with room to sleep two to three people. Powered with up to a 250-hp outboard or an optional 4-cylinder diesel, the Davidson 19-footer will run for days. This hull is built with a reverse chine for lower planning speeds, smoother ride and better fuel economy. There's plenty of deck space and everything you need in a fishing boat. According to Davidson, it will be very similar to the Cortez Model, just a little smaller:

    Give it your best shot. The winner will receive a Davidson swag pack, pictured below. A performance shirt, t-shirt, hat and sticker pack.

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    Contest ends when we say it does. The boat is in the mold as we write this, so we need the name before it comes out.

    Fine Print:

    Davidson is not obligated to use any submissions. If the new model name is chosen from this contest, by entering the contest, you authorize Davidson Boats to use said name without claim. Enjoy your swag pack and knowing that you came up with a boat model name....don't whine later and expect something else from Davidson.

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  2. californian

    "Catalina" (sounds kind of like like Cadillac) or the "Coronado" would be cool to match your other names.
  3. rza007

    Coastal 19
    Costero 19
    Costa 19

    It named itself
  4. Bajachief

    Guadalupe or Cerralvo
  5. JJD

    "Farnsworth" or "Cortez Jr"
  6. Doda2na

    Pescador 19
  7. riskman956

  8. SouthernFish


    Tough and built to last and handle whatever the ocean throws at it:jig::jig:
  9. septizz

  10. BFT#225-Sashimi

  11. DSorce

    Einstein smartest boot on the water
  12. Schneeeep

  13. c00perfish

  14. spun monkey

  15. Bayninja 13

    OS 250 ( offshore series with the 250 motor)

    Islas 250

    HD Special ( Harold Davis)
  16. Weazel

    Kelp 19
    Shibi 19
    La Playa 19
    Island Hopper
    Gladiator 19
    Green Water
    anzuelo 19
    Pelagic 19
    Ono 19
  17. Schneeeep

    Xiphias -
  18. Going Coastal

    Call it the LAGOON
  19. SoCalRedNeck

    Marauder/Marauder 19/Marauder 250
    Recon/Recon 19/Recon 250
    typhoon/ typhoon 19/typhoon 250
    hurricane/ hurricane 19/hurricane 250
    sea scape/ sea scape 19/ sea scape 250
    sea trek/ sea trek 19/ sea trek 250
  20. TopMpg

    Predator 19