help jager figure out what to build next

Discussion in 'Gun Talk' started by jagerhunchback, Sep 1, 2012.


what should jager build?

  1. Springfield Armory M1a

  2. Mossber 500 door breaching shotgun

  3. Lee Enfield .303 bolt action rifle

  4. plain jane Mossberg 500 into a tactical shotgun

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  5. Chinese SKS built into a platform you would carry into harms way


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  1. jagerhunchback

    so vote in the poll for which gun project build i should do next. over the years i've accumulated alot of prejects that i never had time to build seeing as how for the last ten years or so i was either gettting ready to deploy, deployed or just getting back from deployment. i now have time to knock some items off my zombie checklist and am getting back into guns seeing as how it's what the majority of people here in missouri do to pass the time.
  2. okie man

    if you don't have an enfield in the collection ,that would be my first choice!
  3. jagerhunchback

    i already have all the weapons in the poll, its the outfitting and rigging of them that i need to finish. i have an addition, kel tec sub 2000 .40 carbine that feeds from glock magazines
  4. TARFU a support/sniper role...something to reach out and touch someone at 800m.
  5. Fishing Addict

    Not on your poll, but I vote for either HK91 or FAL.... or both. :D
  6. invictus

    Build up a nice SOCOM or Scout.

    Mossberg's are dime a dozen, not knocking them, just saying you can get exotic on the M1A.

    And if I had a choice, the SKS would stay home on a rainy day :)
  7. jagerhunchback

    just pulled the trigger on accesorries to rig up my m1a. should be here in a bit.
  8. rdrrm8e

    On the M1a

    Are you going with a Natl match barrel?

    If not crown the existing one.

    Solid gas rod..a must!

    Welded gas tube....a must.

    Hone and clean trigger assembly or replace with after market.

    Harris bipod

    Good long range glass.

    Good luck.


    First day at the range at 200 yds. Stock Barrel. Stock winchester 150 GR HP