Help finding mixed bag Alaska trip...salt/fresh/hunting

Discussion in 'Alaska & British Columbia Fishing Reports Forum' started by Head Hunter, Aug 18, 2012.

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  1. Head Hunter

    On my way back from fishing kodiak 3 years in a row. Love it here but didn't like being stuck in town three extra days due to fog. Want to try somewhere else. Any thoughts as to a guide or outfit that can take us out to fish halibut, salmon longs etc. and also be close enough to do a little afternoon river fishing and/or hunting? Did most of this in kodiak island.

  2. teamr2

    Might want to look at Prince of Wales in SE Alaska. We try to go there every year. The fishing might be a tad better out of Kodiak but the deer hunting out of POW is crazy. There is a bunch of lodges around Craig, Alaska but I like it better up by the Dry Pass area. Pretty much any of the more remote lodges are going to have great fishing. There is a tremendous road system on the island that gives easy access to the alpine and the deer hunting. They also have ducks, wolves, and black bear. No moose, caribou, or grizzlies on this island. There is supposed to be some elk that swam over from Etolin Island but we've never seen one. Another option would be to do a boat based charter in SE Alaska. We went with a guy named Erik Johnson a couple years ago and had a blast. Caught a ton of fish and shot some huge black bears. I think his business was called father and son charters out of Ketchikan. Have fun!
  3. Head Hunter

    Thank You James! I'll check it out
  4. stiktime

    Highly recmnd Adv. Alaska S/E lodge - Xlnt facility at bargain $ (for Alaska). Fish fresh or salt or hunt. One fee includes full cabin, alum boat wi 25hp 4 stroke, 4x4 crew cab, etc. Float plane in is extra ! Young owner couple is the best Also have new 28'crusier for charter. Fish smoker, freezer, crab / shrimp pots , vacum pak all on site. Just a great place. Tell them Butch sent u.