Has anyone ever fished Drakes Bay, CR

Discussion in 'Panama & Central America Fishing Reports' started by squidnation, Feb 15, 2006.

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  1. squidnation

    We have a chance to explore Drakes Bay for a couple of days. Just wondering if anyone can tell me about the fishery at Drakes Bay. Mostly interested in Rooster Fish inshore and billfish offshore.
  2. Gone Fishing

    Check out the fishing reports from Crocodile Bay Lodge. http://www.crocodilebay.com/
    It sounds like the fishing is pretty good down there right now. I&#8217;m leaving tomorrow and will be fishing farther north out of Playa Carrillo and also on the Caribbean side out of Tortugeuro for Tarpon. I pumped, this will be my 1<SUP>st</SUP> trip down there. Good luck in Drake&#8217;s Bay!!<?xml:namespace prefix = o /><o:p></o:p>
  3. Bret

    My understanding of the best seasons down there,the roosters are better during the summer(rainy season and less pressure) the last two time we were in Golfito area(feb the last 2 times), the roosters were few and small, but sails and tuna were thick.. There is a pretty good snook fishery near the river mouths in that area. you might check out these guys, I fished with them a few times and had an awesome time www.sportfishing.co.cr
  4. dctrjayyy

    Never fished Drake myself but have heard it is a short run for sails this time of year. Should be good.

    John, who are you fishing with in Tortuguero? I've been down to that area about a half dozen times and always have a great time. Good Luck on the first trip.

    This trip I'll have some time in Quepos and trying to hook up some inshore Pargo/ Roosters. Anyone know any panga type options rather than the $1200/ day cruisers?
  5. Gone Fishing

    I fished with Eddie Brown and although he got us on fish, I wouldn’t book with him again. He was quite rude to my wife and made her sit in the front of the boat and never offered her a rod to fish with. I complained and he said we could not have that many people in the back of the boat. My wife weighs 115 lbs, my son 125 lbs and Eddie weighs about 250. I think I know who should have been in the front of the boat. Anyway, we hooked about 15 Tarpon and only managed to get 2 of them to the boat. We were anchored in the mouth of the Barra del Colorado River and trying to pull those 100+ lb Tarpon against the current was a handful.
    We also fished with Chepe Santana on Permit lll out of Carrillo and he was great. We caught Marlin, Sails, Wahoo, Dorado and Bonita and had a blast. Only downside is now I’m so spoiled and fishing in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:State w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Michigan</st1:place></st1:State> will be tough to get excited about. Take care and good luck fishing!
  6. ghotiKING

    Anybody surf fish in Costa Rica? I need to find something for my wife to get stoked about while I paddle out. I've done some mild searching on it but haven't found much info. I don't care about big fish or small fish, just something to get hooked on.

    Any info is much appreciated!
  7. dctrjayyy

    where you gonna be?

    i surf fish all the time but over on the Caribbean. caught everything from 1lb jacks to 100lb tarpon so it just depends what you are looking for. on that coast, the river mouths are always the most productive. you can fish bucktail jigs, swimbaits, plugs or small iron (kastmaster types).
  8. ghotiKING

    cool man, good to know. I didn't know if it was like surf fishing here at all (SD).
    Next time I'm down probably down south west (pacific side), pavones, golfito, hermosa, dominical. The wife hasn't been yet so she'll be stoked I just don't want her to be bored while I'm out playin in the surf.

    Same strategy as here? as in structure / rips / holes, etc, as well as river mouths?
  9. Bret

    My buddies live in Zancudo and one of them has won the local surf fishing tournament 2 out of the past 3 yrs.. He has caught some big snook on the inside channel of the river mouth on a falling tide.. He usually puts a livey on the bottom and waits.. he says he has also done well with a variety of lures. topwater, spoons etc.. You can sometimes see the roosters chasing bait within 40 yrds of shore. Last time I was there I was wishing I had brought my surf gear as there was a lot of bait in the water.. I am sure you will have fun.. There is also a spot between Zancudo and Pavones, I think it is called Pilon, but there are some rocks just offshore that you could probably shore cast to..
  10. ghotiKING

    so we're talking big gear here right, not my 6'6" spinning rig I use in the surf here?
    Thanks for the info already, sorry for stealing the thread
    All for the sake of education, right?