Has anyone ever fished at the island...

Discussion in 'Southern CA Private Boater Offshore Trip Planning' started by fishnfinatic14, Mar 11, 2007.

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  1. fishnfinatic14

    San nicholas past san clemente. just wondering . What did you catch?:confused:
  2. bertram31

    Back in the nineties we did some Albacore trips back behind the island. Very good fishing and rough water.

  3. michael

    What Jack said only the water was rougher than what he said!
  4. medunn16

    WFO rockfish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. so*CALpaddyhop

    I've heard that there are some huge sheepshead there, and if im not mistaken, there is also a navy base on the island?
  6. albatross

    oh yeah i hear that biggest white fish i ever saw they would eat a UFO with no sqiush on it WFO
  7. chuwbaca

    Also good yellowtail fish when the water is the right temp. Just be carefully, the weather turns bad real quick out there.
  8. Ken Nielsen

    Just spent a week there and the fishing was great. Everything is bigger and hungry! Rockfish, Lings.Sheephead .Dont forget to bring your kite.
  9. Diamond Jim

    We took our 34 Cal out there (ONE) time nice fishing for about two hours and then the wend and BIG surf, Just about every other one was over the bridge, One of the worst trips I have been on. (I will not try it in my 28 Skippy. D-J
  10. bentover

  11. Hogula

    I live on San Nick and the fishing is great but the weather sucks. When we can get out in a boat or kayak, we crush the halibut, sheephead, rockfish and WSB.
  12. happyhunter

    I fished San Nic for years in a 26' Shamrock. We would wait til a Santa Ana had blown for a day, then go for it. Usually under those conditions, you could water ski out there. As others have said, the rock fishing is awesome. A few LARGE halibut, and many good sized lings. We also have caught albacore, yellowtail, and BFT on the outside of it, but you have to keep a close eye on the weather. The island isn't high enough to afford much protection when the wind comes up. I've had to leave in the middle of the night and run for Santa Barbara Island where there is a very protected cove to hide in. Dutch harbor (at San Nic) holds some of the biggest sheephead I've ever seen. Good luck, Bruce