Happy Birthday Surfdoc! we love ya man

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by blowhole, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. blowhole

    Today is Stanibuns (aka surfdoc) birthday and I just wanna say how great it has been to have him in Asuncion. I admit, I wondered just how long he would last when he first came here to live...but he has proven himself capable of dealing with the craziness of living in paradise.

    Stan has made lots of amigos here and has immersed in the culture. He is a generous, helpful guy who is always ready to lend a hand. He has treated tons of gringos and mexicanos and even the local dogs and is always quick to respond to a plea for help in any situation....plus he keeps the beer sales healthy! He has taught lots of chicks and kids to fish and is shares his local fishing knowledge with visitors. So lets hear a big ass round of applause for our pal Surfdoc on his birthday. Muchas Feilicidades compa.

    look how the chicks are checkin ole stanibuns out in the last photo!!!

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  2. blowhole

    Where's Waldo?

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  3. Saluki

    Stan is the biggest, nicest, gayest guy I know.

    Happy Birthday Stanley.
  4. Weazel

    LOL I guess you can't count yourself.

    Happy birthday Stan
  5. Captain Juan SQ

  6. Aggro

    You guys need to see the original "bun" photo :eek:.
  7. curt lj.

    Happy B-day Stan.

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  8. WaaTooSee

    happy bday buddy
  9. Pancheke

    HBD Stan !!!!
  10. Fishbones

    4 way with the girls Stan? Happy Birthday!
  11. Smudge

    Happy Birthday you dirty old Pecker Checker!
  12. saravonshep

    Happy birthday old man:hali_olutta:
  13. Deno

    Happy birthday dude...
  14. aguachico

    Happy Bday Stan. All kinds of captions for those fotos...
    Get it started early this year eh.
  15. acc

    Happy birth day Stan hope to see you in August.
  16. fishshirts

    Happy Birthday Stan. Are you going to come over and fish the San Lucas Yellowtail Tournament?
    Maybe sign a few autographs. Hope to see you soon.
  17. Ali Admin

    Happy Bday Cupcake.
  18. mfrancis

    Happy Bday Stan! I'll have a few in your honor today!
  19. Captain Curt

    Who is this big Baja monster you speak of ???????????? :eek:


    The boat Hanna......
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  20. Fishybuzz

    happy Birthday Stan.......I'm still trying to get down there to see if you are telling me the truthabout the spinner. ....lol