Happy Birthday Simon

Discussion in 'Personal News' started by Carl, Sep 2, 2012.

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  1. Carl

    Have a good one Googin....:loverz: I heart Simon....
  2. Slater

    Happy B-Day Lizard Slayer, hope its a great one..
  3. ConSeaMate

    Happy B-Day Simon......
  4. Fishbones

    Happy Birthday dude
  5. Mikieb

    What's the COORS LIGHT count tonight you Homo ?
    Have a good one Bro :hali_olutta::xlbirthda
  6. winningman

    Happy Birthday Who ever you are.
  7. Johnny J

    Happy Birthday, hope you have an awesome day. Geezer....
  8. Carl

    I can't get him on the phone. Did he jump on a boat? He was talkin about it.
  9. Bank Robber

    Happy Birthday Simon! :cheers: Hope you are having a good one!
  10. Saluki

    It's late in the day & all we got left is Birthday Cake........& ......... Cock.

    And we just ran out of Birthday Cake.

  11. Bank Robber

    :rofl: Yep
  12. Saluki

    The Cake was vanilla and the Cock............... well, let me put it this way..........it's not vanilla.
  13. Gil Marlin


    Fag... :D
  14. Saluki

  15. Bank Robber

    He's probably at chippendales. Last time we went fishing he kept mentioning that chair dances are free on your birthday. Now I know why.
  16. Carl

    Will they push in his stool?
  17. Bank Robber

    Not sure I guess we will have to wait for the report :waglleybooty:
  18. nunyabizness1

    Here's a few pics of Simon over the years... we hart you! Happy Birthday!!!

    Simon hart.jpg

    simon heart.jpg

    simon feather.jpg

    simon feather2.jpg

    simon dollar.jpg



    I took this video clip: Happy birthday sung by your pals Snarl, Saluki, BankRobber and Tues with the BD Chorale...

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  19. Gil Marlin

    And remember, it was Simon that put the "Dick" in Richard...
  20. ConSeaMate

    Simon is going to get you for that!......:waglleybooty:.....