Hanna and her friends get bloody 8/4.......... REAL BLOODY!

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Saluki, Aug 5, 2007.

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  1. Saluki


    Curtis & I buddy boated with Saltydawg (and crew) & Saltynuts (on his buddy's sweet 30+ sportfisher).
    Hit the bait barge at 8:30pm and someone just before us had a very bad diesel leak pouring into their bilge which was being promptly pumped out into the bait receivers. Well..... we had 2 scoops of very nice pickled dines on board, you know how that turned out.

    The 3 of us ran down to the cross and worked the deep water trench up to the outside of the 390 for notta except one kelp paddy with foamers. I pulled out a 30.8 lb YT that had the acquired taste for petroleum flavored sardines and that was it. Foamers all around the paddy that would not bite... we chummed... we dragged dines.... we dragged feathers... we prayed... we cussed... we quit and moved north.

    After studying charts and reports all week long the 3 us put together a plan to work North and find some fish somewhere between the Cross and the Butterfly. It was a long lonesome troll for all of us from 0530 until 1pm.

    At 1pm Saltynuts gave us a call they were 12 miles ahead of us and Saltydawg and us both had some really good meter marks and signs of life "Keep coming North" he said...... keep going North we did. Bill and us both were going thru a mine field of awesome meter marks that would not bite (with the exception of one 8lb YFT that will be seared later this evening LOL ) .

    At 2pm we get the radio call from Saltynuts "Get your asses up here now, it's game on!"

    With jigs in the boat had two 24' Skippies running at 18kts we traveled the 6nm North in what seamed like eternity.

    Got within a mile of Tim and dropped them back into the water, 1/4 mile later Bill is stopped. Cooter yells "Breaking fish, breaking fish!"
    For the next 2+ hours we had WFO albie fishing from 20+ to 30+ lb fish on jigs on live bait, dead bait...... it was good.... no, it was FUCKING AWESOME! :D They were coming on deck so fast that at times I didn't have time to put them in the kill bag or cooler (which eventually both were plugged :) ). We didn't weigh any of the albies, but you'll be able to see in the picture below most of them fat boys went end to end in our 160qt cooler.

    At 15 albies we made the call to start cruising home... I was cleaning fish and left 2 trollers in the water. We get stopped and added another fish to the pile.... Curtis speeds up to 10+kts..... we get stopped again, now at 17 fish and no end to the madness Curtis kicks Hanna up to 18+kts while I'm cutting fish in down hill sheet of glass ocean conditions. Ya, it's pretty cool to be able to cut 19 fish at those speeds, sure shortens that ride home. ;)

    What an awesome fucking day when a plan comes together and ya gotta couple of great friends to work with on the H2O.

    Edit: I forgot to mention... Cutis baited a Swordy that sunk out, but we had him pacing us and in the spread for a couple of minutes........ very cool stuff!

    IMG_4001 (Small).jpg IMG_4002 (Small).jpg IMG_4008 (Small).jpg IMG_4009 (Small).jpg IMG_4012 (Small).jpg IMG_4013 (Small).jpg IMG_4017 (Small).jpg IMG_4019 (Small).jpg IMG_4021 (Small).jpg IMG_4024 (Small).jpg
  2. SDtone

  3. JWALK

    Awesome guys!
  4. Mo Betta

    Nice haul!!!!!!
  5. Duramax

  6. roxfisher

    VERY NICE GUYS!! What a day it turned out to be for you. I gotta get out there one day SOON--my fishing days have dwindled to damn near nothing this season.

    Once again guys--way to get it done, great time and nice fish.
  7. Hooops

    Very nice work - congrats.
  8. Mahi Geer

    bery bery nice
  9. Dos Locos

    Atta way to kill'em boys. Well done!!
  10. byeye

    Nice going Brandon...Did Curtis and Kevan argue all day?////LOL Just kidding girls
  11. fishpainter

    Brandon,that one in the chest..that kills me..
  12. jimgilmour

    way to kill em boys
  13. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    Great working with you guys again. That was big school of fish for sure
  14. gordogringo

    Tuna blood is the shit!!!
  15. Professor

    Nice job ladies!
  16. Headshot

    Congrats on your catch Guys!
    Way to get Hana Bloody again!
    Some dam good n bloody pic's!
    Looks and sounds like alot of fun!
    Thanks, Tim
  17. wils

    Way to get out there with a plan to catch albies in the middle of albie season
    ---- and catch albies!!!!!

    Sure beats the FUCK out of what I got to do on the BigGame90 for 3 days.
  18. Mischief

    nice grade of fish and Bdecks!!! grats, guys,..

  19. Mots

    when I grow up, I wanna be just like you guys:D

  20. Az.monkey

    Sounds like a shitty day to me, Nice job boys