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Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by Yacker Andrew, May 30, 2009.

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  1. Yacker Andrew

    I'm looking to purchase some Gyro Binoculars. Does anyone have a recomendation on a good pair to purchase. Also, where I can purchase them (if you know).

    I'd appreciate any feed back.


  2. riverplayer

    Fujinon is what we have on board and are great....One of the best investments you can have for scouting offshore.
  3. Jaydog

  4. Ali Admin

    Fujinon ($1.2k) on the low end.

    Frasier Volpe ($5k) is what the big boys use.
  5. Granders Ray

    I dont leave home without them. I have a pair of Fraser Volpe and an original pair of 16X40 Russians that are running on borrowed time now.
  6. ?? fisherman

    Alot of the "big boys" are using the high end Fuginons as well, and probably still more than the Fraser-Volpe.

    The Fraser-Volpe are a bit better than the Fuginon when it comes to fast side to side movement as they were designed to track fighter jets, thus the great side to side scan ability. The FV may also have the edge in durability.

    The Fuginons on the other hand have better up & down stabilization as well as being able to lock into the stabilization mode without having to constantly hold a button (maybe that has changed now with FV.. I dunno) and for me personally I still prefer the Fuginons.

    The boyz on Team Bad Company strictly use the Fraser-Volpe, as Jimmy Kingsmill I believe is an authorized dealer/rep for Fraser-Volpe.

    Either way, if you have a large sportfisher and have not invested in a pair of the high end gyros (I'm talking the high dollar ones here, the difference is night & day!!), you are truly missing out! These things are every bit as valuable (In the right hands) as any high end piece of fish finding equipment on your boat IMO. The stuff we have seen in these things at miles away is nothing short of incredible, and most what we would have missed had we not had a good guy glassing thru them.

    Keep in mind though, that these gyros are only as good as the guy who is glassing thru them. Long periods of glassing is tedious and incredibly draining and very few people can really do it effectively...... short term is another story.

    These are the Fuginons that I like....

    Fujinon Binoculars - Fujinon 16 Power Gyro Stablizied, Stabi Scope Binoculars -Stablizied, Stabi Scope 7514402

    The unknown fisherman:p:
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  7. greenie

  8. Sofia Rose

    I have a pair of fujinon that I'm not using.
    They are in excellent condition, with the original case.
    PM me if interesed.
  9. Yacker Andrew

    Thanks for the feedback. This helps.

    Do any of you know anywhere you can actually test (I dont mean on a boat) just hold them, look through them etc... Some place that stocks either the Fujinon or Frasier Volpe or both?
  10. ?? fisherman

    Baker Marine at Shelter Island is an authorized dealer and repair facility for Fuginon. I am almost 100% certain that they do not carry the Faser-Volpe gyros.

    Baker Marine:
    2425 Shelter Island Drive
    San Diego Ca 92106

    Baker Marine is where many of the top local marlin boats purchase their binos, and on top of that they also can swing your compass and get it reading true and accurate.

    Keep in mind that the Fraser-Volpe are very high end gyros, and that the Fuginon also have the very high end gyros as well, but also carry the lower end models which are more in the budget for most. The high end gyros are going to run a guy $5000 or better, but like I said, if you are serious about fishing and own a yacht at 40' or better, you really should seriously think about getting some high quality gyros...... they are that incredible!!

    The unknown fisherman:p:
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  11. ?? fisherman

    Here is another supplier that carries both brands.

    Click on the link for a brief description of both the Fraser-Volpe and the Fuginon gyros - top of the line models.

    JD's Catalog

    The unknown fisherman:p:
  12. Fin Fever

    I have had the Techno-Stabis for about 5 years now. they work great and have held up well for me. the optics are as good as my Zeiss or Kahles binos. I even use them to glass bucks from a moving pickup. They do burn through batteries though, so bring plenty of AAs.
  13. Yacker Andrew

    Do you have the 1440s or the 16 series?
  14. Fin Fever

    I have the 14 40s
  15. Ready4TheYellow

    We have some nice ones at the shop..Start at $700 up to $5K

  16. The Bushman

  17. brice

    agreed. that is my favorite pair right there. and don't underestimate a good pair of conventionals. Our Baker Marines are hands down the best conventional binos i have ever used.


    Baker Marine
  18. ?? fisherman

    Ditto again...... I use both LOL





    The unknown fisherman:p:
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