Guys, Guys....Be REALISTIC

Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by makomakoman, Jan 19, 2008.

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  1. makomakoman

    On any given Sunday, the Pats will always beat the Chargers.

    They are a better team. End of Story.

    Get over the fact that you will be spanked and LT will cry again.

    It is the cold hard truth.
  2. ConSeaMate

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  3. JWALK

    You're correct, The Cheatriots are a much better team and are supposed to win, ESPECIALLY with our top three players out or hurt. That being said, thank you for the quote just in case we pull off the miracle.
  4. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    So there you have it, Another full of shit know it all, I guess the Chargers should just forfeit and stay in thier hotel rooms. Would that work for ya? Sure it would you're a Pats fan, You dont care how you get a win as long as its a win:finger::picknose: Win or lose, The Chargers will inflict some pain on your pretty boys
  5. eddier68


  6. Team Buddhahead

    Isn't that what the Indy fans said.....:finger:
  7. gecsr1

    Getting Closer to D Day..... The Pats will not have anything to cheer about.......

    GO CHARGERS............
  8. Saluki

    Last year the Chargers were the best team in the playoffs ................ and they lost.

    Tomorrow Patriot fans will know exactly how Charger fans felt last year.
    They will wake up Monday morning asking themselves "how the fuck did that happen".

    Go Chargers.
    Go Giants.
  9. fisherbaby

    AMEN saluki
  10. JTAP

    Why even have a season?
    Its called an upset and they have happened before.
  11. JWALK

    Dont forget...

    It is the cold hard truth that San Diego has the best weather in the Country.

    It is the cold hard truth that San Diego has the best fishing in the Country.

    It is the cold hard truth that San Diego has the most beautiful women in the Country

    It is the cold hard truth that the reason most Chowda Heads are a'holes is that they wish they had ANY of the 3 previous cold hard truths.
  12. makomakoman

    You guys are still dreaming if you think you can go into Foxborough with 3 of your best players not 100% and win...just not gonna happen

    The sun must be getting to you...

    So quit with the :spammer:
  13. JWALK

    You are probably right, however, how bad would that taint your 17-0 if we did? More importantly are you going to be man enough to show you face around here afterwards?
  14. Saluki

    Ya but you forgot one thing.

    Chuck Norris is afraid of Shawn Merriman.

    Game over.......................... Chargers win.
  15. jimgilmour

    show his face, fuck he must be a fag , just look at his avatar.

    the chargers are going to fuck you up.
  16. mercerm

    The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but that's the way to bet.
  17. Sea Esta

    Forget the avatar. Take a look at this Vidio I found of him.

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  18. Saluki

  19. Ready4TheYellow

  20. HAYMAN

    you must have been one of those kids that dislocated his arm everytime teacher asked a