Guerrero Negro launch ramp

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by TonyC, Jul 18, 2011.

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  1. TonyC

    i heard there's a launch near the lighthouse in guerrero negro. i've got a map, but has anyone launch there? i'm concerned about the boca to the open there a bar i need to be aware of?

    i want to fish isla de cedros for a few days. i know it's about 45 miles to cedros, mas o menos from GN. i'd rather make the run from GN, then go to tortuga to launch. i told myself this is the year i would do this, and planning to go the third week in august. i'm going to recon. either with my boat, or without the boat the first week in august...depending on what i learn in the next two weeks. if guerrero negro is doable, i'll bring the boat with when i go the first week in august.

    tight lines,

  2. cksea

    How big of a boat are you trying to launch?
  3. TonyC

    your kidding me right?
  4. loreto57

    email me and I can give you all the dope about Guerro launch ramp @ old light house
  5. rtmorandi

    Maybe he is not assuming you're taking your 18' boat.....honest question I think.
  6. cksea

    Not kidding. A tiderunner sounds like a bay boat. I would not take it to cedros.
  7. TonyC

    fair enough....i am talking about my 18fter, 2006 suzuki 115hp 50 gal. capacity.

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  8. TonyC

    sorry bro... my mistake. i posted a pic.