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    I would like to share this post with you and give you some update fishing reports on Louisiana and Guatemala::::::

    <TABLE height=5 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=8 width="95%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD width="50%" bgColor=#0080ff height=1>Ryan Dicharry "GUATEMALA with STRIKE ZONE" </TD><TD align=left width="50%" bgColor=#0080ff height=1>
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    Just got back last week from a trip of a lifetime. We chartered a Guatemala sail fishing trip with Captain Gary "Strike Zone Charters". Gary had been talking to me for several months about how great Guatemala was. We decided to go see what all the fuss was about.

    All I can say is WOW.

    We were treated like kings. We had our own private villa, cook, driver, and cleaning crew. After a long day of fishing we would be greeted with cocktails and finger food as soon as we arrived at our villa. After a relaxing dip in the pool we were summoned for our elegant meal. While we were fishing our maid even cleaned and folded our dirty clothes. (If I could only get my wife to do that).

    About the fishing....

    We knew up front that it is the slowest time of the year for sails but we managed to catch and release three. This was better then any boat in the marina. Gary always said the the original "Strike zone" raises bill fish. Well he made me a believer. The dorado were non stop. We ended up with 32.

    Also included it the package was a night at the Casa Santo domingo in Antigua, Guatemala. Let me tell you that experience alone was worth the price of the whole trip. This is a 5 star hotel created in an old monastery. You have to see it to believe it.

    Thanks again Gary.

    Don't forget to sign me up for March 2010.

    Thanks Ryan..we got you on the books....

    I just got a email from Capt. Edgar in Guatemala and one of the boats today had 30 Sails and over 20 Dorado's. He was going out on Monday for a fun trip with his family...he will have a report Monday night on his trip...

    Venice, Louisiana:::::Thursday/ Friday ~~~Capt. Kevin Aderhold and Seth Holl had a great group of anglers from Baton Rouge on a 24 hr trip that end up being a 36 hr trip....They had to run OFF THE MAP but they found the fish...They had 8 Yellowfin ,over 30 Blackfin and a limit of Red Snappers. Capt Kevin said it was a good group of guys and they FUN TRIP.

    I have this weekend open on the 55' because my wife had the boat booked for the Baton Rouge Ladies tournament....the tournament has been moved to August....Get a group and let Capt Kevin put you on some Yellowfin Action.

    Give us a call for your next FISHING FIX...we have some dates open for Guatemala trips as well as some 24hr trips on the 55' and 39' luxury sportfishing yachts....


    225~279~3800 OR CAPT. RANDY AT 985~966~2666

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