Guadalupe Island 10/11 to 10/16 Epic Trip on Private Boat Scotty D

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by ShadBurke, Oct 19, 2010.

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  1. ShadBurke

    Quick report just back from Guadalupe aboard my boat, Scotty D, a 35' Cabo Express. This was a trip that had been planned for some time with my 65 year old father. A redemption trip in sorts for such a crappy local offshore season that we all just had. Countless trips this season yielding just a handful of fish and big fuel bills. So we hoped to go big and put the wood to the yellowfin

    EPIC TRIP. Tuna Alley was the place to be. We plugged the boat in 5 hours. Fished the helium ballons with huge baits that resulted in the plus size yellowfin making a showing. We spent the last 1.5 days killing big fish and donating them to the locals. The Yellowfin went from 40 to 125 lbs+/-. We also had a stray 25lb dorado in the mix and some broomtail grouper as well. Thank god for the tuna door as we put it to good use dragging in one fish after another.

    Total fish count was: Yellowfin limits, 1 Dorado (dinner), 1 Broomtail Grouper (65 lbs) released

    Water temp was 60-61.

    All of our sardine bait from San Dieg died in route, most likely due to poor water conditions in Marina Coral I believe. We caught bait at the island, greenback mackeral, spanish and large scad.

    All fish caught in 140-350 feet of water.

    South end of island not sharky. Westies and north: forget it, the tax man was heavy. We lost some big troll fish that way along with the lures et all.

    36 hours of run time down to the island burned 85 gallons. Run home was 25 hours and burned 140 gallons. Sea conditions were great. Check in/out at Ensenada was as "expected". Only took 5 hours to get cleared to leave for the island which was pretty good in my book. Much better than the 28 hours that Shawn endured a few weeks eariler on his trip.

    Fish were not line shy. 20-30lb line with small baits yielded tuna from 40 to 70 lbs.

    The balloon was definitely the hot ticket. We initally fished 60lbs line on the balloons but quickly moved up to 80-100lbs and 30lbs of drag for the larger models. Bait of choice was scad mackeral, about 18 inches long, and perfect for the 3 foot helium balloons.

    The locals were very helpful. At one point we had a double going and they came by to offer assistance and ended up coming aboard our boat and gaffing one of our fish.

    An Epic trip that we will remember.

    Enjoy the pics

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  3. leocrazy

    Does mexico have the same regs for lobster?
  4. spike

    Nice fishing Shad, congrats one of the few fishing the Lupe.
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  5. Raginkjn

    Looked like a kick ass time.
  6. Blackfish

    That is awesome. Congrats!
  7. Saluki

    Hell Ya!!!!!!!!!!

  8. st.thomian

    very nice grade. wish those bad boys would come up this way. way to go guys. nothing like fresh fish and fresh lobster for dinner.
  9. divegod1

    What a great way to spend time together, and seems the fishing was great also.
  10. seasonsfishing

  11. big steve

    those are some great pics! better than the ones the other guy posted a couple of weeks ago that was down there! no names mentioned. and a hell of alot better report! :)
  12. Troy

    Awesome. Just you and your dad? That's a great trip.
  13. SauerFish Charters Advertiser

    Awesome!!!! Would love to do that on a PB one day...
  14. roosterman9

    Sounds like an incredible time, crazy jelous right now.
  15. GOAT15

    Thanks for sharing, great repot and pics. Thats on the list of trips to do.Was the permit hard to get and cost? Great lookin tunas, way to go on the 35 express
  16. Tunaslam

    Totally a special trip, unreal, congrats!
  17. MikeyLikesIt

    having been out there on a private boat.........

    I am extremely jealous. :)

    Congrats to you! :cheers:
  18. 805gregg

    Great report, thanks for the pictures.
  19. Sherm

    Totally envious rigt now. looks like you and dad had a great time. Great pics. The pics of Tuna Alley are getting me Jonesing to go back.
  20. Ali Admin

    Nice work.

    You are F'n crazy, but it paid off!