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    California Department of Fish and Game

    Expanded Recreational Depth Fishing Opportunities Will Continue for 2006
    The California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) announced today expanded ocean sport fishing opportunities will continue for California saltwater anglers in 2006.
    In April 2005, DFG Director Ryan Broddrick initiated more liberal depth limit changes for the remainder of the calendar year. Those changes were subsequently adopted by the National Marine Fisheries Service for 2005 and 2006.
    Under the authority granted by the Fish and Game Commission, Director Broddrick approved extending the April 2005 recreational groundfish depth limits into 2006 within management areas south of 36 degrees latitude, near Lopez Point in Monterey County. The action taken by DFG will create state depth limit regulations that are once again consistent with the federal depth limit regulations.
    The changes to the recreational groundfish depth restrictions by area are as follows:
    * Morro Bay South-Central Management Area (near Lopez Point to Point Conception): Open from May through September from, 0 to 40 fathoms (0 to 240 feet).
    * Southern Management Area (Point Conception to U.S.-Mexico border): Open from March through August from 0 to 60 fathoms (0 to 360 feet), and September from 0 to 30 fathoms (0 to 180 feet).
    Additional changes to groundfish seasons have been proposed by the DFG, and may occur later in 2006. To stay informed of in-season regulation changes, call the groundfish hotline (831) 649-2801, visit the Marine Region Web site at or call a local DFG office.


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