Grilled Carmelized Onions

Discussion in 'Fishing and Hunting Cooking Recipes' started by roxfisher, Jul 2, 2008.

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  1. roxfisher

    Hey, here is a little side dish that is great and easy to prepare.

    Red sweet bermuda onions. Remove paper skin and cut off the root end and papery top.
    Cut in half horizontal. Place each onion half on a piece of aluminum foil, enough to enclose to a pouch.
    Sprinkle with salt and pepper then a pat of butter. Place some nice Basil sprigs on top, or any other fresh herb --Thyme, Parsley, etc.

    Enclose pouch and throw on the grill, outside edges so it is not too hot and let them steam/roast for about 20 minutes.

    Soft, sweet, and delish. Serve either as is, on a burger, doggie, or a nice bratwurst.
  2. Joey805

  3. fintastic

    Been doing that for years. You cant go wrong with onions!.
  4. roxfisher

    Easy too. Stater Bros has red onions 10 for 10 bucks. (That is their ad anyway). For 50 cents a serving you cant go wrong and they are so fricken good. You can substitute the white Maui Onions also. They are 1.99 per LB right now but well worth it.
  5. johnnylite

    Don't open that post John. Damn now I have to make them.
    Wife won't be pleased as they have a certain effect on me but I love em.
    Thanks Rox.
  6. roxfisher

    Have them early on--enjoy with other foods--She won't know it was the onions--besides, you have an extra day to de contaminate.
  7. johnnylite

    True she is making her chili for the party so I can blame that.