Green Bassin' in the Central Coast

Discussion in 'The Bass Fishing Club' started by Ben@swimbait, Jul 6, 2009.

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  1. Ben@swimbait

    Hope everyone had a Safe and not so insane Weekend! I have seen all your posts about getting into the Brown Bass, I thought I would post some Lake stuff! Matt came up on Thursday 7/2 (Our 26th Wedding Anniversary!) to visit for the weekend to do some Green Bass fishing and hanging out.


    Fished Friday 7/3 for a lot of small ones mainly coming on the Drop Shot in a small cove I have been hammering them in there for the past few weeks! Some are real small fish, but, I have hooked some fish that have broken me off and had a couple of 4 pounder's mixed in also!


    Here is Matt with one.

    Fun fishing for the most part! It makes for the time in between going to Clemente once a month. A Bass is a Bass! I live at most, 12 minutes from the Lake, so, I spend alot of time there checking things out! I do a morning session and a night session if I am off!

    Here is Matt with a nicer one!

    Also cranked some points.


    Went to Margarita on 7/4 with no report, but, here is a picture

    Great weather in the 90's which is usually in the 100's. No biter's! Did the next best thing, "Happy Hour!" It is the 4th of July!

    Here some pictures from Sunday and early Monday

    Bass here are fat!

    My Fattie

    Probably averaged 30 fish a day except at Maragrita, all fish caught Drop Shotting 6 pound XXX Izorline, 6" Robo worms in the Baby Blue Gill. Caught a real good one at the Damn on a Lipless Crank in the Sexy Shad color.

    Fun weekend with Matt, I think I'm ready for the, "All Nighter in LB" sponsored by Performance Tackle and Pearl Swimbaits! New Sponsors, Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar, and Starbucks! Just Kidding!

    Don't forget the Captain's Meeting at Performance Tackle this Wednesday 7/8 sponsored by Chili's!
  2. calicopro

    Sounds like some good times for the "freshies"
  3. SealBeachKid

  4. DENEK

    Congrats on the anniversary!

    Nice bass with your boy.
  5. RECKLESS_m@

    Fun stuff in CenCal as always pops! Highlight for me was the obligatory dinker Smallmouth. PO'd like their salty spottie cousins.

    sick sign pose! nice getting bit !
  7. 26grumpy

    great fishing gentlemen !
  8. fishpainter

    Ben ,looks like a blast.You a lucky man.
  9. WAR

    Nice ones guys, looked like a great time. the best way to spent time together.
  10. Capt. G

    Great post, great family fun.
    Ben, I did not know that you hail from AG.
    My Godfather, who never learned (much) English after he came from Italy, used to take me when I was a youngster (5 or so) to Lopez Lake to fish for those big bluegill. Occasionally a bass would grab my red worm, and and make my day. As much as I wanted to keep it, as a 5 year old would want to put on a stringer and show It off, he would always make me release the fish "So I could catch it next time". That has stuck with me ever since.

    I have fished up in that area all my life, and up until two years ago I was the exclusive Japan distributor for MS Slammer lures, which was located in Atascadero. Every time I would visit that area, I would hit Lopez for smallies, and largemouth, then go to Santa Margo to blank on stripers. The MS Slammer guy, Mr. Mike Shaw, kills them there, but I am always a day late and a dollar short.

    Are those guys wearing gas masks on the bicycles?
    Were can I get one of those?

    Ben, how it the fishing at Twitchell Reservoir, up your way?
  11. Ben@swimbait

    Have not hit Twitchell. But, one of my employee's own a very large pond with very large bass I am gonna check after the SWBA tournament.

    You will have t ask Matt about his gear? I am sure he will get you that info.
  12. RECKLESS_m@

    yo G....thats a Freshjive Tee thats a couple yrs old. Doubt you can find it, but the Freshjive doods always come correct. Sale this weekend too....ill be fishing.

  13. Capt. G

    FJ? It figures. The have all the cool stuff that can help one to get the chicks. Actually, about 13 years ago, I used to import Fresh Jive (and 555 Soul, Stussy, and others) products to Japan. I have some FJ, but none as kewl as yours.

    BtW, I saw that guy with the bike that has the bicycle seat taped on with red tape. He lives under the bridge at Lake Biwa; I often see him on ninja bass sessions.