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  1. SeaDawg

    Damn, I was trollin out around the La Jolla kelp, just inside those bouys to the right of the pier, when this shark hit the ballyho and started taking line. I tightened down the drag and he pulled me over closer to the pier and the guys on the pier were waving thier arms frantically, hollerin about this being a Preserve??!!?

    Anyway, I ignored them, and grabbed a knife I had for cutting bait, and when the shark surfaced, I threw a line around it's tail and just stabbed him till he stopped thrashing.

    Damn! My first white shark kill. I think it may be a record for the La Jolla area anyway :)

    So good to be back in southern KA :) See you guys at the D @ D blood drive :cheers:


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  2. ConSeaMate

    Welcome home............
  3. Otto

    I was looking for the stab marks ...
  4. tankSD13

    Is that 4000 lb rope I see??? That stuff cuts through kelp like butta!
  5. mc08066


    Pretty Funny indeed.
  6. fatmatt

    Nice One!!!!!! I hate those seal killers
  7. Gil Marlin

  8. dweston

    Too funny!
  9. 26grumpy

  10. wheresmypliers

    im calling bullshit on this one. no self respecting man wears a purple shirt
  11. lynndeva

    LOL where are you going to mount it at?

    ps; Hi Harry!
  12. cprman

    where the hell have you been , havent talked to you forever.
  13. marlyn

    they are there most of the time...
  14. Tunaslam

    Harry you need to calm down, that Rambo stuff does not work at your age?
  15. big steve

    how did she taste? like seal?
  16. Buttchaser

    Rock N Roll !:D
  17. c-goat

    You must still be outta breath lol
  18. sealskinner

    Baby killing bastard.
  19. Sea 2'er

    Numbers please to La Jolla Kelp???
  20. hunster