Great White (probably) report/attack

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by mikeyairtime, May 7, 2012.

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  1. mikeyairtime

    Heard from a lifeguard that there was an attack this weekend and it's on the news this morning. Girl on a paddleboard had her board bit several times somewhere near Avalon. She apparently stayed on the board and has a heck of a story to tell (she's only 15). The warden is making a major comeback which scares me for spearfishing but I love the idea of culling a bunch of habituated fish stealing sea lions.
  2. skipper2101

    Thankfully the girl is ok, otherwise if true, that's great news.
  3. fyasko


    I hope it is true cause the seals need to be thinned out to 1/4 of what we have Did the warden bring a lot of freinds?
  5. Eye Problem

  6. Carl

    The article that fyasko posted says that boaters etc. were warned of the fishes presence. Odd, we (Team Googin) were at Cat from Sat night til sun eve and I didn't hear a thing. We may have tried to bait it as a way to get the skunk off....LOL

    Can you bait it with fresh seal? LOL
  8. Balluga

    bite marks and spacing look to be about a 12 footer...hope she was doing a standup paddle routine....yum yum yellow paddleboard?
  9. Mikieb

    Ironically both the Great White & the seal are protected but 15 yr. Old girl isn't.

    PS Carl Googan is spelled Googan.
  10. Carl

    Not according to the Poobah of Googining, Dean. We discussed the proper spelling on Team Googins googin trip and he Googled googin as the correct spelling......Personally, when it comes to all things googin, I consider Dean the foremost authority....;)
  11. Bank Robber