Great Sunday at Sekiu!

Discussion in 'Washington Saltwater Reports' started by Slab Hunter, Mar 26, 2012.

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  1. Slab Hunter

    Arrived at Sekiu about 5PM saturday put the boat in and headed out for a couple hours. Only one shaker. That made us a bit nervous. Came in and ate some chow at the café on the hill. Back at Olsen’s for some drink and sleep. On the water at first light about half an hour later BAM off goes the pole with the coyote spoon. Very nice fish in the teens. About an hour later BAM goes the pole with cut plug. Nice fish about 6-8#. The pole with the cut plug caught the final two of the day to limit us out. If anyone is heading to Sekiu keep the riggers on the bottom. I would suggest bait over anything else seeing how three of our four were caught on bait. Could not of asked for better weather sun was out and only a slight breeze.

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  2. Cwillis

    Nice post! That first fish looks more mature than your typical blackmouth. Good work.
  3. dragonballs

    great report and nice pics that how you do it....
  4. silver slayer

    very nice!!
  5. Catchn Ry

    Nice report. Nicer fish!
  6. Odin7

    Nice fish and great looking water!
  7. hunterb

    Nice fish. Weather looks great.
  8. fishinden

    Good job, nice fish, Thanks for the report.