Great fishing video!

Discussion in 'Goof Off Photo Editing & Video Clips' started by Scrapper, Dec 24, 2005.

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  1. Scrapper

  2. barracuda Killer

    Two things:
    1. bring your baseball glove
    2. that son of a bitch was over his limit, write his ass a ticket

    fucking incredible
  3. Fishing Addict

    Pretty cool. I love it when the albacore do that sometimes.:)
  4. FishWiz

    That was cool. What kind of fish were those, and where? Anyone figure that out?
  5. kelppaddie

  6. Surfdoc

    No damn clue what they were.. but man I'd love to do a few blows on Georges Bong and hit that spot... talk about trippin Hard!!!

  7. daniel-neill

    WOW! Human bait?
  8. Mots

    That was incredible, lmao, dude on the bow just getting pelted by em:D
  9. barracudabreath

    I think the narrator said it was Belize.
  10. Double Z

    I was in a YFT bite like that once.

    I caught some Skipies and 1 YFT.
  11. Kelp fisher

    Oh shit giant grunion!!!
  12. WreckinBall

  13. Johnnyfish

    Rondonia is in North Western Brazil, bordering Bolivia.
  14. Stringer

    Wow, thats some insane shit right there!