Great Day at Lake Cuyamaca (Until I filleted my fish)

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing Reports' started by fishinkid2010, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. fishinkid2010

    Fished Lake Cuyamaca today, I got there at around 7:00 am and rented a row boat, since they won't allow my kayak. :(

    I started out fishing across from the boat dock about 30 feet off of the "island" (not sure the name of the exact area, and it 'aint really an island). I tied on some powerbait (Rainbow sherbet color) and literally, within 30 seconds of it hitting the bottom he had a trout. It was pretty slow after that, until I started to troll the lake. I caught one trout on a #5 shad pattern Rapala.
    After trying other spots to no avail, we returned to our original spot from the morning. Good move... WFO Crappie action on the mini-jigs under a bobber, any deeper than 3 feet and you wouldn't get bit. My brother had a lot of fun with these on an ultra light with 2 lbs test. While fishing for Crappie, I managed one more Rainbow on the powerbait.

    However, things turned to crap after I cleaned my fish. I LOST my new Rapala Fillet knife, and a Smith & Wesson folding knife. I believe I left them on the ledge above the cleaning table. I got sidetracked cleaning the table and forgot my knife (The Rapala knife has a Black Rubber Handle, is in a black sheath, and is sharp enough to cut newspaper, the Smith & Wesson knife is rusted and is a piece of crap) The Fillet Knife has more of a sentimental value than monetary. If anybody found these by chance I would really really love to have them back. As a reward I have a brand new Lucky Craft crankbait to offer.

    Leader size was 3 feet
    4 and 2 lbs test
    Used yellow powerbait
    Trolled Rapalas, (kastmasters, thomas buyants, roostertails, and various other trout lures didn't attract any bites)
    It appeared the bite was best in the morning.

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  2. JAG107

    Great report. Sorry to hear about your knife.
    I was at that lake 3 or so weeks ago and managed one lucky trout catch off a yellow gulp nugget. Fishing was almost dead the rest of the day until about 4:30 when the crappie bite went berzerk and 8 of us had limits (25 each!) in a half hour, all of us using berkeley mini jigs 1/16th oz in various colors and also got a bunch with orange power worms, seemed like as soon as the jig started to sink it was hit. Fun time, but we didn't care for the campground or all the lake rules.
  3. Mpoochi

    right on looks like you did alright. sucks bout the knife thing. i went fishing ther today for only 2 trout on Pbait........... too damn murky feel like im fishing in a damn mud pit it was my first and last time going ther. only reason i went is because poway is taking their sweet ass time for trout season to start, i knew i should have just gon to santee lakes and slayed it but owell no more whining.