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Discussion in 'Avet Reels Support' started by lilharcher, Aug 13, 2007.

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  1. lilharcher

    In preparation for the BD Tuna Jackpot next weekend, I took my Avet 50's over to the manufacturing plant in Canoga Park/Woodland Hills for a quick cleaning and lube job. I was prepared to drop them off but to my surprise, Harry's wife asked if I wanted to wait for the reels, that it would only take 20 minutes for my 4 reels. After shooting the shit with Harry (Sarkis was out of town), my reels came back 15 minutes later. Now that's great customer service!
  2. terryc.

    Same with me I stopped by to drop off a reel on the way to pick up my kids they said have a seat instead I left got the kids came back got my reel and it's been that way ever since oh and it's in Chatsworth just north of Canoga Park, Real nice having them so close to home.
  3. Tree Doc

    Sounds great!

    When's Sarkis gonna be back? I had a real sent to his attention specifically since it came back from them unrepaired more than once. I haven't heard from anyone yet so maybe that's why.
  4. lilharcher

    Don't know when Sarkis will be and talk to Harry or Harry's wife, they should be able to set you up. I would call sooner rather than later because I just looked at their calendar, those guys are going to be fishing a ton over the next 90 days (tournament season and LR sponsor trips).
  5. Double Z

    Yep, I've always had great service from them. No breakdowns, just ordered stuff to change my reels and a blem on a spool a while back. I love mine.