graphite reel seats

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by chriscoobs, Dec 18, 2004.

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  1. chriscoobs

    for most of my reels i was supplied a graphite reel clamp...i am alwauy weary of how strong it can actually be (and why i get a clamp like that on high end reels). does anyone else here see a problem with these reel clamps? im thinking of changing over to some of the strike master reel clamps, but im wondering if its worth it. thanks
  2. Fishslayer

    How hard are ya crankin' down those clamp nuts? Put down that 400 ft/lb impact gun & step away! ;)

    I've never had a graphite clamp break on my Newell accesory frames.

    I toss the stock bulky, square edged Accu or Tib clamps that come with the frames in the drawer with my stock Penn handles & replace the clamp with a late model Penn plastic one. More compact & has smoother edges. Sometime I gotta modify to fit.

    My guess is that the flexible plastic might even hold better than a rigid aluminum.

    Most people overtighten their clamp nuts. Not necessary. Test a bit & find out how tight they need to be before ya can't twist the reel & then no more. On cork tape rods people have actually busted the blank.

    Course, if yer talkin' 100# & up cow tuna gear, that's probly a different animal.

  3. chriscoobs

    i ended up getting an alum clamp for my tn40 because i have the get strapped lug harness attachment on that and i wanted to make sure it had enough support. i think im gonna stick with the stock clamps for my 20-50 applications though..thanks for the reply