got our ass kicked 08/23

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Papa "J", Aug 24, 2003.

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  1. Papa "J"

    Launched from the Coral about 2:30am, Gato Gordo, & my buddy Mike joined me for the ride, we got bait & it rolled real quick....not sure if it was shit bait or the weather. Headed toward the lower 500 & took a while since the seas were 2-4 feet & 20kt winds. Didn't get grey light until around 6:15am, is it me or is that late for grey light?:confused: ?:confused: water was 62 -64 until we got within 10 miles of the 500 & shot up to 68.5 - 69.5.

    Got within 6 miles of the lower 500 then took 2 waves over the hardtop on the starboard side. Defiately some ass puckering on the boat...decided wasn't worht the risk & started to head back trolling.

    Found a few paddy's with some small YT's, the water laid down a bit & we did some running back south to try to find some warmer water to try for some YFT, waste of time.

    Got right outside the Banda Bank (62.1) and Blood Vessel called us in on some BFT boils...the #'s we 31.31 & 30 seconds we get a single jig strike for a 10lb YFT. After that triples & quads every 30 seconds of WFO Skipjack. Probably caught & realesed 30 or so.

    AFter getting tired of all the skippy's we decided to head back & do some trolling in town. Picked up WaaTooSee, Matt, Mots, Miicah & MikeyLikesIt. Headed into town had a blast as always & towed the rig back Sunday Morning.

    Almost forgot Gato picked up a pup mako on a bait rig...Looked really cool, wanted a picture but bit througt the line before we got a chance. Was only like 5 lbs & 1 1/2 ft long.

    Tight Lines!!!!!
  2. TheShark

    Glad you made it back Jason-

    It was good to talk to you yesterday-

    I want to go into town with you guys! Sounds fun ;)
  3. Saluki

    Jason, Great try out there!!! we didn't make it out Friday night,, blown turbo on the way to the bait barge :( sounds like it was victory at sea all over the place out there. Worked on Hanna's mysterious electrical problems with Curtis all day today (damn corrosion) and she's ready to rock now, we'll definetly be seeing you at the Won tourney first beer is on me, the rest are on you !!!:D :D
  4. Maverick

    Short story of our trip Friday (will post detail report when i get pics later today). We caught 1 yellowfin tuna at the 371, then caught limits of yellows on a paddy (called in my the Carrie Ann), caught 4 skippies at the 213, 1 30# pound albie and 2 45# Bluefin. The Bluefin and the albie were caught at 31 57 117 23 fishing by a couple of sport boats. It took us 6 hours to go 49 miles on the way home, the wind was blowing a steady 25 - 30 mph directly into our face on the way home.