got 10 inches of snow in 4 hours

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by Anglette, Dec 13, 2004.

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  1. Anglette

    this is my truck, it was snow free at 6 am this morning

    all the trees were snow free too



    I had to shovel snow, even before I could get out of the house


    went on a night ride this weekend on snow machine, that was intense
  2. byeye

    That is really pretty up there. Thanks for the pics, and happy snow moving.LOL
  3. Anglette

    i love moving the snow with them machines, it is an adrenaline rush!!!!

    The pictures send a chill down my spine and make it easy to remember why I moved from Michigan. It does get ya into the Christmas spirt. Enjoy your snow and be safe on the snow machine. When the snow is gone and the days are longer I bet ya get some company!!
  5. TheShark

    Damn T!!!
  6. Saluki

    Ouch, we had 8" of that stuff in Illinois on Thanksgiving.
    I'm a So. Cal. sissy now,,,, couldn't hang with the family in the cold.
  7. Orca

    Hey Terri looks like you could use crackerjack's snow blower.:)
  8. KC Kevin

    Its going to be 80 degrees here today!
  9. Anglette

  10. TheShark

    Yeah -

    I think I will ware a short skirt today with flip flops :D
  11. KC Kevin

    Sweet! I may put on shoes today. Or not. :D
  12. Saluki

    Me too LOL
  13. KC Kevin

    They stay out of south county today, would ya Brandon? LOL

    Unless its Laguna Beach, which then it would be no big deal. :D
  14. TheShark


    Hey Terri...

    running around today in shorts and a tank... hmmmm you miss me don't ya! LOL
  15. Anglette

    YEAH YEAH, whatever......... LOL its 37 here right now, feels like we are ahving a heat wave..........gonna ride my snow machines this afternoon, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    prolly get some pics too

  16. Mot's Sr.

    Hey Terri, just thought I'd give you a little update, its 75 in my back yard right now, absolutly a beautiful day here, how's it going there????? :D :D
  17. TheShark


    I am tanning out back by the pool :D naked LOL just teasing that would scare everyone!

    How much snow do you have today?

    at least you get to ride your snow machines to go down to the beach!