GoPro: Son and ghost shrimp

Discussion in 'Photography' started by echo1er, Mar 22, 2012.

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  1. echo1er

    Got home early. So we got to play early.

  2. Local Fishin'

    That's it Dad! Take them fishin' when they are young, they grow fast, my boy just turned 18 today, and I was remembering him watching your little video clip. Good memories.
  3. Tacklebox

    Damn hes tough! I could not get in the water right now to save my life... Its cold as hell!
    Good video and cute kid! I want one for the weekend to take out and show them how to fish but then drop it off after so I can go drink... Oh the joys of being an uncle!
  4. zdog

    Great video man. My son is 3 months old. cant wait to get out there with him. He has to learn how to crawl first!
  5. sand junky

    Thx for sharing... Good times :)
  6. ConSeaMate

    That put a smile on my face........
  7. fishfish

    Your boy loves that water - awesome!!!!!!!!!! Don't ever lose this only becomes more precious as time rolls by!!! Great job Pops and to whomever was doing the filming!!!
  8. johndtuttle

    strong work pops.
  9. ChromeCollector

    Hahaha awesome!! Looks like the little guy had a blast!!!
  10. Jig Strike

    Well done
  11. Derby

    I need one of those!