Gopro downrigger cam

Discussion in 'Washington State' started by EJ Swanny, Feb 11, 2013.

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  1. EJ Swanny

  2. Freddy_V

  3. Elkfins

    I'd like to see somebody do that in about 30' of water off Ocean shores...
  4. NGSD1

    It is easy to make your own. Using PVC at home depot, a 4 to 3" reducer 3" sleeve, a 3-2" deducer with a rounded cap, a 24 ounce teardrop zinc for lower ballast and bingo, you have a great underwater torpedo housing. I rigged mine with a steel leader and run it off a trolling rig and it cost about 30 dollars in parts and took me about 45 minutes to build it.
  5. Derby

    Here you go.

    Tuna fishing off Monterey CA.
  6. North River

    This is where I found the instructions for when I get around to building my own.
  7. bbordeau

    Thanks for posting these, I'm going to make the one on the Marlin Nut page. I'll post it when I'm done.

  8. Sammy Hooker

    here's my first attempt, gonna sink her this weekend :finger:

    15lb goPro mount.jpg
  9. Offshore Ryan

    Nice! How deep can the camera housing go?
  10. bbordeau

  11. blackvelvet

    Make sure you got good cable, cause it won't just be a DR ball to replace if you find a ball eater.
  12. Line '79

    What Ted said
  13. TooManyHobbies

    Let us know how it goes...

    I think the bullet enclosures might be a little more hydrodynamic than what you have there..
  14. NGSD1

    I made my own. There have been many home made designs on the web over the years and some of those have turned into commercial products. Here are the parts I bought at Home depot and the final result. It works well.





  15. Waterdog247

    NGSD1, thats pretty sweet! Is the GoPro exposed? Ive seen a couple with an acrylic lens fixed to the objective opening.
  16. NGSD1

    It is exposed but in a waterproof housing that it comes with so there are no issues there. As you can see from the pictures, I also have a safety on the camera to the main line in case for some reason the camera comes loose inside.
  17. LndShrk

    Those are both nice..

    I have mine mounted to my DR ball similar to Sammies..

    NGSD1. Do you run that off your downrigger?

    How deep do you run that standard housing?
  18. NGSD1

    You could but I have only used it on a trolling rig. You can go deeper if you add a lead weight to a leader in front of it.
  19. blackmouther

    Let me know approx where the ball gets hung up. Gonna add gopros to my list. So far its lead and flashers stuck in obstruction gopros would be worth a dive license. There has to be a way to guarantee to get your camera back. Looks cool but i think i am just gonna watch others vids
  20. ?? fisherman

    Hey Nick...... where did you get that ballast weight at??

    Thanks for posting the pics!

    The unknown fisherman:p: