Gonzaga Bay Cinco de Mayo

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Brettkopitz, May 8, 2012.

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  1. Brettkopitz

    Fished Gonzaga bay 2 days with my 14ft alumacraft.
    Cinco de Mayo.
    Made the drive to Gonazaga bay. New detour starting just after okie to just past the turn of for punto bufeo. Not bad but a little rough. Watch out for big ruts just after the peaks of the little hills.
    Had the boat in the water at Papa Fernandez by 9. Started at the reef in front of Willard. Caught some couple pound goldspot. On my 50lb setup avet hx with calstar 700xh. Did a big trap rig and dropped a whole live bass down. Within minutes get hammered. I only get a few cranks and he rocks me. I do the same again. Time I get him up about 10 turns even with the drag locked it takes off. I pull so hard the line breaks. 50lb good line. Big fish. Now a try 65lb straight spectra since it’s the heaviest I have. Same, get picket up. I wind like crazy and as soon as the fish turns line snaps. Very frustrated at this point a decide to try for a few more bass. On my 30lb rig catch a bass and while reeling it up it gets bit. This time I think I got a shot since it’s already part way up. I get a few turns and it realizes ist hooked and takes off. I start the motors and try and drag him but it didnt slow down. With line still peeling off I pull real hard and the line breaks. At this point I am so frustrated to decide to give up and go fish Punta final.

    Fished the points for leopard grouper and a pargo. On the way back see lots of bait in the bay right around the scum line and put a jig out and hook sierra and barracuda.
    Fish count
    6 sierra 3-8lbs
    2 barracuda 3-4lb
    6 leopard grouper 4-7lbs
    6 goldspot 2-4 lbs

    Water 66-67 degree

    Decided to try one more time
    Very low tide made launching the boat a little more work. Since my boat is small it’s just further to carry but would not have got a trailer boat in.
    Went to the reef catch a few bass and keep them alive.
    Move to the spot I hooked yesterday and drift the area. I work this for about an hour with no big bites.
    I decided to run to Isla San Luis. When I get close put the troller out and get a strike on the blue rapala sliver. Fish makes a few runs get it to the boat big sierra, around 12lbs. throw the other troller rapala cd 11 out and instant hook up. Another sierra.
    At the east corner of the island the sliver hooks up this time I can feel the deeper pull I know it’s a yellow. After a short fight get it in the boat. 28” yellow. Troll around for more sierra and a leopard grouper.
    Decide to fish one of the seamounts with bait. Get to the 60-80ft range a drop down double dropper loop. Good strike get it up 27” leopard grouper, nice. While I was drifting around saw a free swimming yellow right by the boat. He was a little to far away to free gaff. Later had another follow the jig to the boat. Worked this for a while for some bass and about a dozen big triggers.
    Trolled back around the island and the birds would not stop dive bombing the rapala. After releasing too many birds I took the troller in. At this point the wind was picking up from the southwest. Which is where I needed to go, so I headed back. With the wind and chop was a slow wet ride back. Once I got in the wind seemed to die down. But you ever know usually it gets worse not better.
    Water at the island 67-69 degree
    Fish count
    1 yellow 28”
    2 leopard grouper 5-12lbs
    10 sierra 4-12lbs
    12 trigger fish 4-6lbs
    6 goldspot bass 2-3 lbs.

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  2. tattuna

    Great trip! I miss that place. Too bad about them big grouper. Strong sunzabitches!

    Can't wait to get back down there. Thanks for the motivation!
  3. How many miles from Orange county?
  4. pollo

    Nice fishing Brett

    We will go this weekend to Punta Bufeo hopefully we can find the Yellows

  5. Ali Admin

    That's a fat cabrilla! Nice work
  6. dweston

    Nice report. Thanks for posting
  7. Captain Juan SQ

    brett it looks like you´ll have to carere 100 test,if you going to land those huge fish.
    xslnt report,gracias.
  8. sue-she

    Great report! Thanks for posting. My grouper set up is minimum 150 spectra 200 leader 50 lbs. of drag.
  9. "KEKOA"

    Hey Brett great report as always!! We are heading back down for Memorial day weekend maybe we'll see ya down there if your there! O ya by the way the Yamaha works perfect!!! Thanks again!

  10. seriola_killer

    Just.... Fucking.... Rad !!!
  11. bobrehfuss

    Nice catch and awesome report. I had a very similar experience in Mag Bay and Capt. Sergio broke out the hand line. Parachute cord with 400# mono leader. I couldn't get the hang of hand lining and got my ass handed to me for about 2 hours before I was too beat to continue. After he was done laughing at me the deckhand "Vicente" who was about 65 years young proceeded to show me how it was done on 30-50# grouper with the handline. I was getting some that size on my 100# mono so not sure he was connecting with fish as big as the ones that were working me or at least that's what I want to believe after getting my ass handed to me by a fish and getting schooled by a guy 20 years older than me, haha! Anyway I found a killer combo at Bass Pro for $150 = 6/0 reel on a broomstick. Got it spooled with 250# spectra and 400# leader and still get busted off by big mean grouper. Those things are tough and sometimes they just win the fight. BTW my personal best is 200# on 25# mono. I guess it was just a dumb one and swam out to sea instead of back into the rocks and after chasing it for an hour and a half it finally died. Bummer to see that magnificant fish dead but it sure was tasty!

    Great Report, plan to get down there soon. 12 pound sierra? That's awesome. Never caught one have that size, would love to see pics of that monster.
    Thanks for the report!
  13. Ib1

    Epic. Thanks for the report. Had the good fortune to kayak and swim with a whale shark in the bay last October. Nice grade of fish you got there. We saw lots of feeding schools of good sized sierra, but tough to catch up to them on the yak.
  14. Brettkopitz

    Thanks for the responses
    Not the best pic, but he was big. my PB sierra was 13.5lb on a scale out at Conzag rock.
    Good luck Afredo and Ron. Been seeing yellows mixed with Sierra in the morning on the South East point of San Luis, The Blue Mac CD 11 has been working. Be Safe

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  15. Ib1

    That's a lot of ceviche... :hali_olutta: